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I won’t be having a traditional bridal shower, instead we’ve requested to have a shower for the both of us together…I think it’s called a Jack and Jill shower? I’m not one to play all the shower games and I haven’t felt comfortable opening up multiple presents in front of lots of people since I was in elementary school. Having Mr. there will be a lot of fun and will help take some of the attention away from just me…and also, is it bad that I don’t want to be in a room with all his family by myself yet?

If I were to actually have a traditional bridal shower, I think this is the best idea EVER. Sarah of Blossom and Branch was featured on 100 Layer Cake for the Bodega Flowers class she teaches in the city. Sarah said, ″I thought, why not show people how to gather some bunches from the local bodega and create something charming in their home? This class teaches women how to shop for, clean/prepare and arrange flowers, using their own container.”

How AMAZING would a flower class be for any sort of shower or party! Pick up some fresh flowers from Whole Foods (maybe even ask guests to bring their favorite container or supply some for them), and hire a florist to teach an arranging class. Who wouldn’t like to know more about flower arranging?


Huge bonus: everyone goes home with something pretty, and not some cheezy prom-type favor.


I love the place settings…So simple, so appropriate, and so pretty!

{all photos above via 100 Layer Cake}

How cute would it be to have pretty aprons like this one from anthropologie for your guests to wear too?


While not a part of the same bodega flowers post, I just love the details from this bridal shower:

{photos by Boutwell Studio via Style Me Pretty}

Has anyone done something like this? How did it go?

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11 comments on “Bridal Shower Fun!

  1. We were going to do the flower arranging thing for my shower!!! But…since my shower was the day before Valentine’s Day…it didn’t quite work out with our florist. It seems like such a fun idea though!
    .-= Stephanie’s most recent blog post: knitted hearts =-.

  2. catie writes...

    we aren’t planning on flower arranging, but instead are going to do a beading and jewelry making class! it works out well because my lovely bridesmaids will be making necklaces, earrings and bracelets for their wedding outfits! (no worries, i’ll have backups in case they end up hating what they make…)

    flower arranging is such a great idea!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love it and it’s going to stay in the minds of the guests because it’s so unique.

  4. Amanda writes...

    This is an AWESOME idea! I am the maid of honor in a wedding coming up and this is the shower I am going to do this. How would you suggest to note on the invitation for guests to bring their own vase?

  5. This is a wonderful, WONDERFUL concept for a bridal shower – or even a “clean” bachelorette party! Who knew scissors could be so beautiful? (I’m using that idea for my annual holiday gift wrap party). Bridal showers with activities are just more fun, and with this idea you can really involve you guests. If this is a little “too” involved you could also check out http://www.bridalbananas for bridal shower games and ideas that ensure everyone is entertained!

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