DIY Wedding Details: Artichoke Candle Holder


This is such a unique and eco-friendly idea! One of my new blog crushes, the fabulous Dog n’ Bird Artful Wedding blog, shows us how to transform an artichoke into a votive holder.


$2 and 5 minutes?  Can’t beat it.

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12 comments on “DIY Wedding Details: Artichoke Candle Holder

  1. kate writes...

    this is totally cute but i’m not sure how taking something that is edible and turning it into something inedible is eco friendly? Cute though – all the same!

  2. Why not set it on a glass plate and surround the artichoke votive with pepperberries, babies breath, or silk berries and roses surrounding it. You could also tie a ribbon around it to match your wedding colors. Fun idea!
    .-= The Wedding Contessa’s most recent blog post: Cake Toppers Love Birds =-.

  3. Steph writes...

    I love this idea, but the link is no longer working. Can anyone help me please?

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