Stitched Wood Save the Dates


I love these wood-backed save the dates that graphic designer Alan Valek created for Heather and John’s summer wedding – they combine the ever-popular engagement photo save the date idea with yummy tactile elements.



The fabric overlay was hand-stamped with chalk ink and stitched to the wood backing. 



How gorgeous are they?  Perfect for a rustic or backyard wedding.

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10 comments on “Stitched Wood Save the Dates

  1. Jill Canada writes...

    AMAZING! I am in love with these, never seen anything like it!!!!!

  2. Mary Ellen writes...

    This is such a great invitation. Love the couple walking hand in hand. Very sweet photo.

  3. Hey all! I was wondering, does that chalk ink fade if you don’t wash the fabric? I have an organic soap business and I am thinking of packaging my soap in organic muslin bags but I need to find a way to stamp the fabric. This is just for retail appearance and would not need to last through a machine wash. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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