Urban Rooftop Picnic


What do you get when you mix a casual summer wedding with a gorgeous view of downtown? An urban rooftop picnic of course!

Urban Rooftop Picnic Wedding Theme Ideas

The first of the Inspired Creations Contest submissions, created by the team of Catie Ronquillo Photography, After Yes Weddings, The Left-Handed Calligrapher and Emily Hudspeth, takes the concept of a simple DIY picnic and places it in the urban setting of Off The Grid, showcasing the beautiful Dallas skyline.  Galvanized metal and mason jars give the perfect mix of modern and rustic.

Chalkboard Wedding MenuTissue Paper Pomander Napkin Rings

The color palette of yellow and kraft is light and airy, and I adore the hand-drawn map invitation that Nicole Black, The Left-Handed Calligrapher, created!

Map Wedding Invitation Kraft Paper and Yellow Calligraphy

Yellow Ribbon Necklace

What’s fabulous about this concept is that everything can be recreated with items you can find at home or borrow from a friend, and the team pulled all of the picnic together on a budget of only $430, over half of which was dedicated to purchasing food and groceries.

How were they able to be so frugal?  By using common items but transforming them into unique creations, like these ordinary paper bags that became combination favor bags and escort cards.

Unique Wedding Ideas Paper Bag Favors with CalligraphyPaper Bags with Calligraphy Favors and Escort Cards

Yellow Gingham and Kraft Paper Custom Calligraphy Map InvitationsChalkboard Menu Urban Picnic

Everything down to the last little detail was personalized, including the invitation envelope liners.  Tip: if your calligrapher is willing, have them scan in the calligraphy of your names, use photo editing software to turn into a pattern, and print yourself!

Calligraphy Envelope Liners Nicole Black

My favorite detail?  The adorable kraft paper sandwich wrappers, complete with vibrant yellow calligraphy and scalloped edges!

Kraft Paper Sandwich Wraps Party IdeasLemonade Dispenser Picnic Ideas

Paper Sandwich Wrappers Picnic Ideas

The bride look that the team created showcases a necklace from Macy’s and jewelry from World Market, giving a very eclectic feel.

Unique Wedding Ideas Rooftop Urban Picnic-6Urban Chic Bride

Yellow Sundress Bridesmaid

Picnic Wedding Food Display

Earth Blooms Florist gathered loose stems in milk jars, and in addition to the sandwiches, the menu features fresh fruit, lemonade in mason jars, and lemon meringue tarts in lieu of wedding cake.

Flowers in Glass Milk JarsFresh Fruit Display

Lemon Meringue TartsKraft Paper Calligraphy Favor Bags

Tissue paper pom poms made whimsical and fun napkin rings!  Instructions below:

Rolled Silverware in Pail with Tissue Paper Flower Poms

DIY Tissue Paper PomPom Instructions

Yellow and Green Bouquet

Bride in Yellow Shoes

Vintage Soda in Galvanized BucketJust Married Kite

Rooftop Picnic Wedding

Here is the full list of amazing Dallas-based wedding vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Photography – Catie Ronquillo Photography
Planning – After Yes Weddings
Stationery and Calligraphy – Nicole Black, The Left-Handed Calligrapher
Hair and Makeup – Emily Hudspeth
Location – Off The Grid
Floral – Earth Blooms Florist
Linens – Event Linen Solution
Accessories – Ink and Button
Gown – ‘Dahlia’ by Stephanie James Couture, from The White Gown Showroom
Bridesmaids dress – Alyn Paige
Models – Ashley Vasicek, Jessica Baker, and Jacob Reding

Great weddings are remembered because they have character and are fun. I love the playfulness this urban picnic wedding concept and the fact that anyone can pull this look together without breaking the bank!

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120 comments on “Urban Rooftop Picnic

  1. So in love with every detail oh this rendition. The kite has captured my heart as the best “just married” sign I’ve ever seen. Oh and of course the tissue poms and the ink & button accessories are picture perfect.

    This contest is going to have me drooling for weeks.
    .-= Andrea {Gwyneth Paige Couture Letterpress}’s most recent blog post: Happy memorial day! =-.

  2. I just love everything about this! The simplicity, the color and the decor. Goes to show that a fun wedding can be on the “cheap”!

  3. Christine Soh writes...

    An inspiration for those who want an elegant, simple wedding. The beauty is in the details. Love the yellow, love the calligraphy (esp. the map!).

  4. Jess writes...

    Love the casual elegance of it, and the photographer is awesome!

  5. Elizabeth writes...

    I love it! The food is laid out so sweetly. Love all the dressing up of the very usual items!

  6. Angel Rosales writes...

    Love it, everything looks awesome! Love the tissue poms, and the bags.

  7. Valerie writes...

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! so creative! absolutely love what y’alls did together. :)

  8. Jaime writes...

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding and wonderful photos! So glad I snagged this photographer for my wedding :)

  9. Laura writes...

    The first word that came to mind was simply, “awesome”. I fell instantly in love with this entire concept!

  10. Stiff competition! I can’t get enough of this sweet shoot. I love the yellow/kraft. Way to go, you guys!
    .-= Sara Gray’s most recent blog post: Love, June =-.

  11. Love this idea! The calligraphy makes everything elegant and flow together. Putting everything on the roof is so fun!

  12. jen writes...

    love it love it love it! perfect for a low key, yet beautiful summer wedding.

  13. Jill C. writes...

    Everyone and everything looks so crisp and fresh! Beautiful!

  14. I love reading these comments! Thanks everyone for the kind words. It’s so great to see our vision come to life and be published.

  15. Mindi Smith writes...

    I absolutley LOVE the caligraphy throughout this entire wedding!!! It is so beautiful- What GREAT work!

    The gown and the flowers are beautiful too!!

  16. Dan M. writes...

    Awesome concept; photography is top shelf; execution – flawless. Inexpensive yet very elegant. What pulls it all together is the artistry of the calligrapher – great work!

  17. Mandy writes...

    What a beautiful wedding idea! The colors are fresh and gorgeous. I love the photograph of the bride and groom from the waist down–lovely and unique. My favorite is the calligraphy! So stylized but still very easy to read. It brings together the modern city setting with the country picnic feel better than I thought words on paper could do! The whole thing is perfection. :)

  18. Ashley writes...

    Gorgeous pictures! I’ve been to many, many weddings, but I would love to attend a fun and unique event like this.

  19. Noelle McDonald writes...

    I love the elegant picnic idea and the beautiful colors! Could the map be any cuter? The calligraphy is awesome and such great detail. It ties it all together and makes it snap!

  20. lovely details! simple, romantic, elegant, and whimsical all at the same time. photography is gorgeous. color pallet is crisp. and calligraphy is perfect!
    .-= Dianne’s most recent blog post: I Miss LOST… =-.

  21. Brittany writes...

    This is so adorable! Gave me some great ideas for when I finally have that planning to do. Great for a small budget with a urban/funky twist. Im so proud of my sister and her beautiful calligraphy skills! So glad I’ll get to use her when my wedding festivities come.

  22. Erika writes...

    What a clever and unique idea! It’s whimsical with tons of personality. I love how the theme was carried out to each detail, including that precious yellow kite.

  23. Hana writes...

    Splendid idea + creativity = beautiful wedding photos. Love the personal touches. I would rather have turkey sandwiches and fresh fruit over lukewarm salmon/overcooked prime rib any day!

  24. Just lovely. The collaboration was such a success among the vendors. Everything looks exquisite and is captured beautifully. I love the punches of bright yellow mixed with the kraft paper — stunning! Oh, and the hand-drawn map…what a fun, whimsical touch.

  25. Connie Kim writes...

    Fantastic photos! The color scheme and shots of the details are absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Ashley writes...

    Such a fun and playful theme! I love the colors and spirit this captures!

  27. Love the eclectic feel to this theme… the cutsie yellow shoes with the bouquet are perfect! This is definitely a fun wedding!

  28. Laura Correia writes...

    Katie, you really have a way with the camera. I love your photos, the lighting, angles, focus and expressions are all perfect. I can tell you love what you do… it’s definitely your calling.
    Keep up the great work!

  29. Roxanne writes...

    Wow. If I could get married again, this is exactly what I would want! Love the yellow accent colors and the makeup looks superb!

  30. Thank you all for your kind words of support! The team of vendors is amazing to work with and really made the inspiration come alive with the details.

  31. Brenda writes...

    What an incredably creative and comfortable why to celebrate a wedding. I love it all, but the calligraphy is so beautiful and such a tastful yet personal touch. I feel having it ties evertyhing together and makes everyone who attended this affair feel they were a special part of it. GREAT WORK LEFT HANDED CALLIGRAPHER!

  32. Kelly Hudspeth writes...

    Easy on the eyes and the pocketbook. Creative way to have a beautiful unique wedding and anyone can afford it.

  33. Trecia writes...

    This wedding looks amazing, and especially for the budget you had to work with! Very impressive!! The invitations, in particular, are very creative.

  34. Christy writes...

    I have always believed “presentation is everything”, and you have truly mastered the art of presentation. So much attention to detail. I love the urban rooftop picnic theme. My favorite is the darling sandwich wrappers. How original!!!

  35. Dawn writes...

    What a truly amazing concept! This is so fresh & creative. I adore all the personal touches. Color scheme is amazing! I want that hairstyle for my wedding- GORGEOUS!!

  36. Sue Trizila writes...

    What a beautiful wedding idea! Everything is so refreshingly creative – especially the unique calligraphy. Very, very well done!!

  37. I truly love the flowers in this entry. The colors are to die for too! Lemon meringue? Yes, please!

  38. eb writes...

    the brilliance of the designs, colors and ensembles are strengthened by the beautiful photography! what beautiful pix.

  39. rachel writes...

    love the mix of rural/casual against the city skyline…. and i love the pop of yellow that sweetly ties everything together– from her shoes to the little lemon slices! nice job! love the bride’s dress!

  40. Jeff writes...

    This shoot is amazing. The setting is absolutely beautiful and it has a great sense of style without seeming too outlandish. I feel like this could have been taken at a real wedding.

  41. courtney writes...

    Beautiful wedding! Can anyone tell me where I can get a kite like this!? I’ve been looking all over. Thanks!!

  42. The kite is novel…kudos. I’d say that can easily be made from a store bought kid’s kits and some indelible ink or washable fabric paints.

  43. Tracy writes...

    Elegant with a wonderful bonus – it’s affordable! It would make any guest feel special and a great story for a bride to share all the details she’d never forget.

    Weddings are especially memorable for any couple and especially brides – but GREAT weddings leave lasting details in everyone’s mind forever. This concept does just that.

    Nice job!

  44. So artistic with every detail well planned and executed. I love it. It looks like a storybook setting that I want to be invited to! And the view of Downtown Dallas is unbeatable!

  45. Francesca Pappagallo writes...

    This is adorable! The hair, the makeup, the details on her shoes with all the decor! I love this! This one has my vote!

  46. Holly Moncrief writes...

    I love everything about this! The unique simplicity and beauty of it all.

  47. I think the appeal of this theme is the ability to make low budget items look classy and eclectic. I love the look, and feel this would appeal to lots of young brides and grooms because it is so budget conscious! Just looking over the settings and atmosphere, this is a party I would love to attend. Really beautiful presentation! My favorite!

  48. Kristen writes...

    Everything about this wedding idea is fab! It’s ultra classy while staying modern. The attention to detail really sets this one apart. Love it!

  49. Mary writes...

    Gorgeous. What a creative way to have a casual yet elegant wedding in such an unlikely venue.

  50. Elizabeth writes...

    The glamorous alternative to a backyard wedding! I love it :)

  51. Alexis V writes...

    What a fabulous idea? I love the mix of the urban picnic and all of the yellow details. Very cute and very well thought out!

  52. Terri McKinney writes...

    I love this concept. Everything ties together so well. I love the simple menu …. PB & J’s ha! Fantastic.

  53. Rona Greenwald writes...

    So different and creative plus rooftops are so romantic

  54. Donna Tiser writes...

    My neice is getting married soon and the beauty and simplicity, yet classiness of the the ideas the team presented in the rooftop wedding will be most helpful to her. Great job!

  55. Mercedes writes...

    I totally love the urban rooftop pictures. It”s nice to have a breathtaking view with rustic urban details.

  56. Mercedes writes...

    I totally want the urban rooftop picnic on the rooftop to win. I love the fresh fruit and lemons in ice too. I want that team to win!

  57. yeah! glad it made it to the top 10. this entry so deserves it. love the idea and implementation. modern and fresh and lovely! :)
    .-= Rosaura’s most recent blog post: Out of Studio =-.

  58. Congratulations to the designing group! It is definitely a nicely done urban rooftop picnic I have seen so far!

  59. Hi, just found this post and love the idea of a rooftop picnic! Based in London so not as many flat roofs as in US cities. It looks gorgeous and very romantic… Vee x

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