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Today we have not one, but TWO, innovative Inspired Creations Contest concepts from the lovely Tammy Golson!  The first showcases a fun (and yummy) escort card idea – cupcakes!

Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-13Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-12

Tammy and her team of Ana Dolan, Betsy from Nine Cakes, and Jen Huang were inspired by the accessibility of everyone’s photos on Facebook and found a unique way to incorporate them as escort cards.

To create the cards:

  1. Print photos on photo paper and table names on cardstock
  2. Use a circle punch to crop faces
  3. Use larger circle punch to create cardstock circles
  4. Affix faces to one cardstock circle and table name to the other
  5. Using adhesive, glue to popsicle stick and stand up in center of cupcake

Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-03

Name tables to highlight the couples favorite foods or ingredients and incorporate these ingredients into the wedding menu and work them into the table design and the display of the table names.

Chocolate Table NameUnique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-08

In addition to the chocolate which is used here, dried cranberries, tamarind almonds, breakfast cereal, european breads and marinated olives, dried beans and fresh produce (cherry tomatoes, asparagus & berries) would work well.

Cupcake Escort Cards

The cupcake stands are wooden desk boxes that were repurposed, purchased at a local antique store.  Stacking the cupcakes on the bar is a great first impression as guests arrive, and would save a table rental.

Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-04Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-02

Table NamesPurple Glass Vase

Restaurants are wonderful reception locations (and huge budget-savers)!

Chalkboard Restaurant MenuRestaurant Wedding Reception Location Idea-4

Restaurant Wedding Reception Location Idea-1

The team took the photo concept a step further and created a coordinating guest book.  Print another set of guest photos and sprinkle them throughout a guest book.  Guest will love finding their photo and adding a special message.

Photo Guest Book-4Flowers in Water Glass

Photo Guest Book-1

Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-10

The following New York City wedding vendors contributed to this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Stationery – Ana Dolan Couture Invitations and Paper Items
Cupcakes – Nine Cakes
Photography – Jen Huang Photography
Styling – Tammy Golson Events
Venue – Bino Brooklyn

Look out for another wonderful concept from Tammy in a bit!

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68 comments on “Cupcake Escort Cards

  1. Perfect way to kill two birds with one stone by telling your guests where to sit and giving them their favors at the same time! Cute and efficient, I love it.

  2. Cynthia Sari writes...

    Very nice ideas! Everything looks so pretty and beautiful. Would definitely try out these ideas :) if I were in that place, I’d stay as long as I could. The room just looks amazing!

  3. This would be a great idea for a shower or smaller event. my future mother in law is always using pictures as seat tags and it’s a great idea. These little cupcakes are adorable too!
    .-= Hilary / Lovely and Gracious’s most recent blog post: PMS Color Chart =-.

  4. LOVE TAMMY and her ideas are PURE GENIUS.
    .-= Jen’s most recent blog post: =-.

  5. Michelle Lenzo writes...

    I LOVE this idea…it’s always great to find unique ways for special events with your family/friends. Tammy has amazing ideas, everything she does includes a lot of thought. I love her work! I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  6. Rebecca Hornblad writes...

    I love using guests pictures for table cards and in the guest book. It makes them feel a part of the special occasion. Once again, Tammy pulls off another innovative creation!

  7. Bretta Chaplinski writes...

    The cupcakes are so cute. I love that anyone can do this AND the idea can be used for many different types of events. I’m looking forward to using this idea for a baby shower . Innovative and elegant.

  8. Rachel Cline writes...

    This display makes me hungry! I love how special each one would make the receiver feel!

  9. Meghan geraghty writes...

    Love love love this idea!!!! I’m telling all my girlfriends who are having weddings,hosting baby showers or hosting any party to check out your blog. You are so creative!!!

  10. A new, fresh idea. Exactly what weddings need! Maybe at the end of the event, everyone can exchange facebook photos and the next day you have a bunch of new friends! Well done, Tammy & co.

  11. dawn writes...

    My two favorite things…cupcakes and photos! Who wouldn’t love to use this idea – GREAT JOB TAMM:)

  12. Kimberly Kingsbury writes...

    This is such a sweet detail for the guests to enjoy. It shows that the host/hostess wants everyone to feel welcome. So thoughtfully done. This is such a beautiful and unique idea! Great job Tammy and team.

  13. Gabrielle Aronas writes...

    I love the color coordinated details and using the pictures in the cupcakes and then again in the guest book is brilliant. This is such a whimsical way to start a celebration, I LOVE IT!

  14. Greta Agacki writes...

    What a clever and fun surprise!! You walk into a party and see yourself on top of a cupcake!! Love it! Tammy’s creations are so whimsical. She planned my bridal shower 5 years ago and my friends are still talking about how special and beautiful it was. Another fabulous job, Tammy!

  15. Lovely! The cupcake-photo-guestbook-idea is genius – love the modern and personalized touch! I really like the entire photo shoot and style. It feels very down to earth, warm, and friendly – perfect for a beautiful yet meaningful celebration with the people that mean the most to the bride and groom.

  16. Bethany writes...

    The Groom and I were trying to come up with a way to incorporate photos of our guests and this is perfect!!

  17. Sarah writes...

    Love the use of photos. Makes it so personal and fun! Also love cupcakes. They are so big right now!

  18. Tom and Donna Golson writes...

    We are the very proud parents of Tammy.
    You are on your way. We wish you all the
    success you deserve.
    Love Mom and Dad

  19. Natalie Moreau Ysker writes...

    I LOVE IT! What a great way to start an event!
    Tammy I am so glad you can share your creativity….look forward to more fantastic ideas!

  20. Denise Hellman writes...

    We are planning to use this idea on our 10 year renewal of our vows. It is beautiful and personal

  21. What a wonderful way to combine social media with a live event. I love it! I can think of tons of events that this would not only be useful but really fun! Thanks Tammy for another wonderful idea.

  22. Ginny Burr writes...

    Leave it to Tammy to create a simple but unique idea that’s not only attractive but oh so PERSONAL to the taker. You’ve done it again Tam!

  23. Lina K. writes...

    Perfect combination of colors in stationary as well as decorations! Beautiful choice of details, especially with picking my favorite flowers :) Good luck and hope you win!!!

  24. Denise O writes...

    What a refreshing idea. Especially love the guest book suggestion!

  25. Simone Shlozberg writes...

    A really original idea! Love it! Can be used for so many events, from corporate to children’s parties. So simple, yet so elegant!

  26. Kaitlin Heffernan writes...

    So unique & beautiful! .. and the guestbook suggestion is great!

  27. supercute! This is a great idea, we’re thinking of doing cupcake tower centerpieces in leu of floral centerpieces to cut down on our budget.

  28. Dan G. writes...

    What a great innovative idea! Tammy, your amazing at bringing your creativity and passion to life in your designs. I wanted to thank you again for making my event unforgettable.

  29. i LOVE this idea. what an amazing, personal and whimsical way to have such fun with a necessary and useful part of an event. look delicious too!

  30. What an amazingly creative idea. Everyone loves cupcakes and personalization – wonderful combination!
    .-= Anni Bruno’s most recent blog post: High Line =-.

  31. Kristina Mazelis writes...

    How creative! I absolutely LOVE the matching photo guestbook – sheer genius!

  32. Jenny writes...

    I absolutely love this idea. It plays into everyone’s childlike love of cupcakes. Adorable and so accessible to most who are techno savy. Beautiful design, beautiful set up. Great job Tammy and team!!

  33. Deb Adams writes...

    Who doesn’t like cupcakes?! What a great idea. The arrangements are really creative and beautiful, too.

  34. eric writes...

    That’s a fantastic idea! It’s so much nicer to see a picture of everyone not to mention you get a little cupcake! Perfect little bite before the festivities begin. Very original!

  35. Kelly Couturier writes...

    These are so darn cute. I love the petite size of the cupcakes. Sometimes less is more; more elegant and more appealing.
    Beautiful job, Tammy!

  36. It is SO refreshing to see cupcakes used in a non-tiered presentation. Such creativity and beautiful styling!

  37. Michael Hernandez writes...

    Love the idea. Very personal and fun. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Helen & John writes...

    We love this presentation for a more personalized setting.. it’s fun and unique! Another lovely creation by Tammy Golson Events!

  39. Very unique idea,you have a great talent specially in creative stuff.Good thing I came across to your site because I can suggest what I see here to my best friend because she will marry next month and not yet prepare for her wedding plans.

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