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As a former figure skater, I absolutely love today’s Inspired Creations Contest concept.  The talented team of Little Bit Heart, Event Design Group, and Debi Parker Photography created a wedding concept for a couple who loves hockey!

Hockey-Inspired Wedding Invitations-1

As a first taste of the event, Little Bit Heart created a boxed invitation set. The shimmery deep blue box is topped off with a silver band with the couple’s vintage inspired hockey stick monogram. Glittery faux snow filled the box, which included an invitation printed on opal shimmer paper, mounted on a thin piece of wood, and two enclosures.

Hockey Wedding Ideas-1Faux Fur Wrap

Escort cards were presented on an air hockey table with hockey helmets and a lush white arrangement of roses and hydrangeas – the perfect introduction to the vintage hockey theme!  The escort cards mimic the invitations with the soft wood and swirly type. Instead of table numbers, tables are named after hockey greats with their numbers- guests might be sitting at “Gretzky 99” instead of “Table #9”. Escort cards are embellished with black and white pre-wrap to echo the wrapping on a hockey stick.

Unique Wedding Ideas Hockey Escort Cards

Hockey Escort Cards Unique Wedding Ideas

To create the adorable wood hockey-themed escort cards:

  • Have a home improvement store cut down a large piece wood into desired size pieces (4′ x 4′ sheets of thin wood are around $6).
  • Sand, round down the corners with the sandpaper, and stain.  Woodcraft stain markers are easy to use on small areas and can be used indoors.
  • Holding the card horizontally, wrap black pre-wrap (you can purchase pre-wrap at a sporting goods store) once around the left side of the card.
  • Cut white pre-wrap in half long-ways to make thinner strips, and then wrap both halves around the card on top of the black strip.
  • To get the guest names onto the piece of wood, use iron-on paper and follow directions accordingly.

Hockey Wedding Ideas Escort Table

Hockey Wedding Ideas-2Hockey Wedding Ideas-8

The tabletop, set directly on the ice, features frosted top tables and Lucite backed chairs.  Table numbers with the player name and number are held in a “block of ice” frame resting on a hockey puck. A single skate is tied on the back of his and her chairs to designate the bride and groom.

Hockey Theme Wedding Tabletop

Winter Sports Theme Wedding IdeasHockey Wedding Ideas-7

For the centerpiece, a family trophy is packed full of gorgeous all white roses and hydrangeas and each table holds six servings of a family  member’s china.

Rose and Hydrangea CenterpieceIce Rink Wedding Ideas

A square menu sits at each place setting  with course names, such as “Season Opener”, ‘Playoffs”, and  ‘Stanley Cup”.  At the top of the menu there is an embossed graphic of a fork, knife, and spoon incorporating the dark blue.

White Plate on Black Chargers

Ice Skating Wedding IdeasIce Rink Wedding

The Sweet Treats table is set Set up at the skate rental counter! There, the bride and groom will cut their Stanley Cup inspired cake and “warm up” and “cool down” with some sweet snacks. There are cookies and milk with custom stirrers for cocoa powder, ice cream sandwiches, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and mini cones full of chocolate fudge or white chocolate with sprinkles.

Winter Wedding Sweets Table-4Hockey Puck Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate “hockey puck” favors complete the sweets table, which are simple to create on your own.  Using round molds and meltable dark chocolate (found at craft or baking stores), follow package directions and allow chocolate to set.  Use a handcut stencil to personalize with monogram or logo.  Edible luster dust can be mixed with vodka (water does not dry fast enough) and brushed over the stencil with a paint brush.

Winter Wedding Sweets Table-1

Winter Wedding Sweets Table-6Ice Cream Cone Tray

Hot Chocolate with Marshmellows

Winter Wedding Sweets Table-5Winter Wedding Sweets Table-2

Staying true to the theme, there is a hockey-themed photo booth guest book!  In ice hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game and culminates with fans throwing hats onto the ice from the stands. Following the signage “Show Us Your Hat Trick,” guests can pose for a picture in their favorite hat or play around with the hockey stick props.

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Ideas-1

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Ideas-3Unique Wedding Photo Booth Ideas-4

The Team Roster board guest book is a great keepsake for the couple, and guests can also take their photo home in the form of a custom playing card.

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Ideas-2

Photo booths are simple to create on your own using props in the theme of your event, a curtain backdrop, and a place to show off the results!

Unique Wedding Photo Booth Idea

Photo Booth Guest Book

(and one more gratuitous invitation shot, because I loved them!)

Hockey-Inspired Wedding Invitations-2

The following vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Stationery and conceptualization – Little Bit Heart
Event coordination and conceptualization – Event Design Group
Floral – Noel Namocatcat Weddings & Events
Photography – Debi Parker Photography
Makeup – Maria DeCesaris
Model – Elisa DeCesaris
Linens – Table Manners
Cake – Jessica Burns
Rentals – Party Rental Ltd
Location – Piney Orchard Ice Rink

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91 comments on “Hockey-Inspired Wedding Ideas

  1. Shirley writes...

    The invitations were magnificent and I loved the pictures of the bride throughout

  2. Phyllis writes...

    Fabulous, creative and beautiful! Attention to detail is amazing. LOVE IT!

  3. Neil writes...

    Excellent! Everything comes together very nicely. FANtastic job to everyone that contributed. Loving the Stanley Cup Cake!

  4. Teresa Sciuto writes...

    This is truly amazing..WOW!!
    I might have to use this idea…this is Fantastic:)

  5. Talk about putting together a theme!! I love how much the day exemplfied the couple and how creative the whole day was put together! Wonderful work!

  6. Kathy writes...

    Absolutely amazing work!!!! The invitations and escort cards are so unique and one of a kind!! Love the feel you get just from the pictures…AMAZING!!!

  7. Maria DeCesaris writes...

    WOW! Everything came together so nicely. The hard work of everyone involved truly shows! I LOVE the invitation and the pre-wrap idea on the escort cards…. SO creative!
    Thank you for letting me be a part of this beautiful creation!

  8. Angela writes...

    I love this concept. The invitations are exquisite!! Great idea. I want to have a party just to order these incredible invitations!! Beautiful work.

  9. The total follow thru with the theme was amazing! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it! Executed to a “T”!!!! AWESOME!!

  10. K Martz writes...

    Just when I think I have seen your best….it gets better… more unique, and more interesting.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Kasondra writes...

    I loved the concept. very creative ideas. Kudos to the companies that were responsible for creating such a nice event!!!

  12. Everything looks awesome! It was so great and so much fun working with such a talented team. My favorite part – well, besides the SWEET TREATS table! – is the fun and totally DIY Photo Booth! Kudos!

  13. JoAnn D.W. writes...

    Wow – you girls are amazing!!! I LOVE the idea of the photo booth back drop and the “team roster.” Such a talent… Truly awesome! The detail… WOW! Great great job ladies…

  14. Kim Williams writes...

    Absolutely amazing!!! I wouldn’t know where to begin with a hockey concept but all of the decor from the table cards to the cake are great!

    Job Well Done!!!

  15. absolutely unique, and beautiful.. I love it.. Definitely have not seen anything like this…
    everything looks yummy… fantastic..

  16. Sonji writes...

    Love the theme but most important love the way this company got into the details. From the invitation with the snow to the block of ice frame resting on a hockey puck…it’s just simply excellent. It’s the attention to details that make this truly sensational. Kudos to the company that did this. I would definitely hire you for my wedding!

  17. Kami writes...

    Absolutely beautful!!! As a true hockey and figure skating fan, I can appreciate all of those little details that make this so beautiful, yet tough at the same time! This is one of the most unique designs I have ever seen! Awesome job, ladies!!

  18. Scotty N. writes...

    I wish this design was available when I got married. I would have totally went for it. I love hockey and it would have been perfect. Way to go. I loved the use of the skates on the tables and the hockey stick escort cards. I should have a party just to have this theme!!!

  19. Marcia Holmes writes...

    Ohhh how creative!! This is really out of the box. … Love the concept!!!

  20. I love this Hockey Wedding. This is the kind of wedding I would love to attend – classy, beautiful and most important fun! Great work!

  21. How FUN! This was pulled off beautifully. I can’t believe just how different you can be when it comes to that special day. This looks elegant and a wedding I would love to attend!

  22. April Cole writes...

    This is absolutely stunning!!! I am amazed at how elegant this hockey theme inspired wedding is decorated. Excellent work!!! As a female that is not a sports fan let alone a hockey fan, I am now inspired to do a sport theme event especially if it can look like this!

  23. vanessa writes...

    who would’ve thought a hockey theme could look so chic and elegant!? wow!

  24. Marisol Montoya writes...

    This is such a great idea and its new and refreshing… LOVES IT…!!!

  25. Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments! We are so excited to be included in a contest with such pretty entries ;) Check out a behind the scenes look @ – little bit heart blog.

  26. Nichole writes...

    Wow! I love this idea!!! I am not a huge hockey fan but this… This theme is a winner. I would have never thought I could get into a sports themed wedding but with this team I’m completely reconsidering. Where do I sign up???

  27. What an awesome idea! I’m not the hugest hockey fan ever, but I love how unique this is without being weird or tacky. Quite classy and a great way to celebrate a special day with something special to the couple!!
    .-= Melanie’s most recent blog post: The Skinny =-.

  28. Allison writes...

    So Clever! Love the theme- elegant and fun all at the same time!!

  29. Lisa writes...

    just when you thought the hockey theme was exhausted, another great creative idea was used! loved it all… especially the invitations with the snow. how clever!

  30. Juliana DeCesaris writes...

    Practically Perfect in Every Way!!!! I’m a huge fan of the name cards and invitations! So proud of you girls! It looks Awesome!!!

  31. JoAnn writes...

    I am so impressed with every detail, the place cards were so unique and using the hockey table was an awesome idea. Hanging the skates on the chairs was perfect and the photo booth was great, the beautiful bride holding the hockey stick was cool. I loved it all!!! Congratulations on a job well done!

  32. Sharon Divens writes...

    this is so original and creative! i love it! very elegant and a fab way of incorporating what would normally be an unconventional idea.

  33. Elizabeth Ryon writes...

    WOW!!! Everything looks amazing!! I LOVE the invitations, so unique and perfect for a hockey couple. Talented women!!!

  34. Ray writes...

    I never would have associated hockey with a wedding. The Event Design Group did an outstanding job translating the theme seamlessly from beginning to end via the details. Kudos for thinking outside of the box and SCORING!

    Great job ladies!

  35. Kristin Hagert writes...

    What a GREAT idea!! Having been a lifelong athlete and sports fan, I think this idea is phenomenal. It’s original, fun and creative!! Great job to this hockey themed wedding design crew! Really cool.

  36. Elisa writes...

    This is absolutely stunning. Every last detail was not only thought of, but perfected. I am in awe of the talent of these amazing women. This theme and all its trimmings (invitations, ice skates, desserts, name cards, everything) are just as amazing, beautiful, creative, and FUN as its creators.

  37. Jenny writes...

    Oh my gosh! This is wonderful. If my husband had seen this five years ago, this would have been our team. The attention to detail is amazing. I love the famous hockey player themed tables. Everything is perfect!

  38. Jen writes...

    Everything is amazing! Starting with the unique hockey themed wedding and reception ideas to the terminology and concepts of the sport incoroporated into the whole presentation. What great ideas you have given to future brides to use for husbands who are trying to incorporate a sport they play or like to give an individualized feel to their special day! You girls have shown how creative you can be with the sport of hockey so future brides can breakdown other sports, hobbies or events and put your own personal spin (with your help) to make anyone’s wedding day unique and beautiful!!!!

  39. Doug writes...

    This is absolutely amazing. I love the “hockey stick” place cards, and the idea of using player names/numbers as the tables.

  40. Samantha writes...

    What an amazingly job! I love how the theme is carried throughout, while keeping the traditional wedding elements. I particularly love the invitations, and the adorable escort cards!!!!!

  41. Here’s what I like…it is right on for the times, trendy, youthful, yet any age could both love and appreciate it! It shows the imagination of the designers! It’s a WOW event and unforgettable for sure!

  42. OMG! An event to remember, this is truly classic. Event Design Group has done it again! Look at all the detail. You would think a hockey theme for a wedding would be hard to plan, but you make it look so easy and beautiful at the same time. You hit the WOW factor on the head. …………PRICELESS!!!!!!
    Great Job Ladies!!

  43. Amy writes...

    Wow! I’ve never considered myself a major hockey fan, but this gorgeous and uber creative concept might just make me into one. Especially love the escort cards, ‘hat trick’ props and the hockey stick monogram. Really beautiful…and fun.

  44. RadioMeraf**** writes...

    Fantastic job. Every detail looks creatively wonderful!

  45. Betty writes...

    I love the hockey theme and all of the attention to detail in the invitations and guest cards and table names. Loved the idea of a trophy for a vase. Awesome ingneuity. I hope the team of Little Bit Heart has ideas together for a boating theme or building theme????

  46. Ida writes...

    This is sooo creative. I am very impressed. Love all the details.

  47. Donna writes...

    Gorgeous! I love that the theme is so unconventional! Had I not seen it, I would not believe that hockey could be beautiful. I love all the little details.

  48. Liz writes...

    A hockey-inspired wedding? WOW! Absolutely elegant. The entire team did a magnificent job. I would not have known where to begin in planning an event with this theme.

  49. Daniel writes...

    Building a wedding around a hockey theme must have seemed like the impossible task, but these folks made it seem easy with so much originality and the many cool ideas … great job!

  50. Karen writes...

    What a great job! Everything is so beautiful! I can’t believe you were able to print on wood, it looks amazing!! The invitations are so professional looking as is everything else!

  51. karimah writes...

    WOW!! This is the most creative wedding I’ve ever seemed. Absolutely beautiful….great job!!

  52. Wanda Washington writes...

    The hockey theme was very creative. The best so far. Koodos to the team.

  53. Linda writes...

    the idea of the snow in the invite was very clever. All tied in together so well. All wonderful ideas

  54. Wow, what a unique and inspiring wedding. I love the decor and the little favors. Her dress is amazing as well.

  55. Erin Adams writes...

    I did this in 2004 for my wedding-we had a Stanley Cup shaped wedding cake and named the tables after our favorite L.A. Kings players. It was a big hit and so much fun! Thanks for posting this fun wedding!

  56. Wow great ideas, my fiance and I are thinking of doin a hockey theme wedding, my idea was to have our pastor wear a referee shirt LOL. Thanks for the ideas it helps a lot

  57. Jo writes...

    So is there even a groom. I noticed that seemed to be the only thing missing from this event. Lots of pics of the bride none of the groom…well I guess that’s not important…it’s not like it’s his special day or anything.

    • Ami writes...

      hi jo! it’s a styled shoot, not a wedding, so no groom here. :)

  58. Spot on with this write-up, I actually feel this website needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the information!

  59. Rachel writes...

    I’m looking in to doing a hockey themed wedding as well. Do you have any I formation on where you got the “block of ice” table numbers??

  60. Love your hockey themed wedding. My fiancé and I are doing a Devils /Flyers theme wedding for our December wedding. Where did you find the trophy style flower holders from???


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