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Today’s Inspired Creations Contest concept, brought to us by the team of Bellwether Events, Notable Inspiration, Kurstin Roe Photography, and Two Brunettes, features whimsical and colorful pop art and puzzles!

Magnetic Escort Cards

Together, the escort cards and guest book combine for a fun interactive experience.  A photo of the bride and groom was enlarged, altered into pop art colors using photoshop, and turned into a puzzle, using Joslin Photo Puzzle Company.  Magnet strips were placed on the back of each puzzle piece.  Escort cards were printed on Avery Inkjet Magnetic Business Card paper. Both were printed and affixed to magnetic white boards from Ikea.

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-03

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-01

When guests approach the escort card display, they pick up both their magnetic escort card and puzzle piece. Once they get to their table, all the table members assemble their puzzle pieces into their table’s pop-art image of the bride and groom. Then the guests heads over, completed puzzle in hand, and place it on the magnetized canvas. Guests can then sign around the border of the pop art they just created with an extra-fine opaque paint marker. Not only is this interactive but it creates a fabulous piece of art for the couple to take home!

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-09

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-06

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-13Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-08

To create a magnetized canvas, purchase a large (24 x 36 in) canvas to use as the basis for your guestbook. Lay out the puzzles in the middle and trace around the perimeter to map out the area to magnetize. Put down painter’s tape along the lines and paint the area with magnetic primer. Three coats are recommended for the best hold and each coat dries in about 30 minutes.

Puzzle Guest Book Unique Wedding Ideas-10

To introduce the puzzle and pop art themes to the wedding guests, Carolynn from Two Brunettes designed an amazing invitation and RSVP card set, which you can download right here and print on your home printer.  To create the RSVP card, use an x-acto knife to cut around the puzzle curve and a perforator to trace along the straight lines.  Guests can then separate the two sides easily!

Colorful Pop Art Wedding Stationery-2

Colorful Pop Art Wedding Stationery-3

Colorful Pop Art Wedding Stationery-1

For a fun-filled photo booth, all you need is a Mac computer with the Photo Booth application, which has a built-in pop art option.  The laptop was set on a table filled with fun props, including classic pop art items like Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans, Coca Cola bottles, and masks of famous faces including Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, the Paul Frank monkey and John Lennon. Putting a spin on the current mustache trend, there is the Rolling Stones mouth too!

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-02

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-04

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-11

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-01

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-10Pop Art Wedding Ideas-08

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-07

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-09

Pop Art Wedding Ideas-03Pop Art Wedding Ideas-13

The adorable three-tier cake was draped in fondant and decorated with puzzle pieces.  A pop art LOVE cake topper is the perfect accessory!

Pop Art Puzzle Theme Wedding Ideas-4Pop Art Puzzle Theme Wedding Ideas-1

LOVE Sign Cake TopperPop Art Puzzle Theme Wedding Ideas-2

The following talented wedding vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Styling – Bellwether Events and Notable Inspiration
Photography – Kurstin Roe Photography
Stationery – Two Brunettes
Bakery – Kendall’s Cakes
Cake Topper – Blue Butterfly Design
Rentals – DC Rentals
Location – The Athenaeum, NVFAA

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    68 comments on “Puzzles and Pop Art

    1. No way. This is wonderful! Making yourself into a pop art puzzle = seriously cool. This would be perfect for a mod-inspired wedding.

    2. Such a great idea! I had no clue you guys were so crafty! I love all the colors and the stationery ties it all together so well.

    3. tracie writes...

      I LOVE this! The pop art puzzle and invitation/RSVP set are especially incredible. I would have loved to use this for my wedding!!!

    4. Cassandra writes...

      So adorable!! Creative, fun, colorful and exciting! Love this so much!

    5. Such a cute concept!!! I’m a big fan of all of the bright colors. You guys did a great job!!!

    6. Kim writes...

      I absolutely love the colors and design!! Extremely creative and the Photo Booth concept with a Mac is brilliant :) Awesome job!

    7. Darn, if only you had invented this 16 years ago for my wedding. This is too fun, good luck!

    8. Vanessa writes...

      How adorable! I love how colorful everything was, and the puzzle piece concept was genius!

    9. shannon writes...

      This is just so adorable. What a fresh idea and way to get your guests excited about your day. Nice work!

    10. Tyresa writes...

      I love that you found another use for the placecards so they don’t go to waste! SUPER cute!

    11. Lauren writes...

      This is such a fun idea!! If I could go back and re-do my wedding this is it! Great job of capturing the essence of fun, while celebrating the couple and their interests! Love, love, love!

    12. John writes...

      What an incredible idea. I wish our wedding had a theme like this.

    13. wendy writes...

      it is fun to see your idea come together, as i get to watch all the pieces come in the office

    14. Way to go fellow “Make Things Happen” sisters. This is amazing and so perfect. Apple users are going to freak over this. Talk about nailing it, this is awesome.

    15. Lucia writes...

      Fun and amazing ideas!!! Different, colorful, funny, great all the way around. I love the photo booth, the props, and the puzzle idea.

    16. diana lanza writes...

      What a great way to make a wedding reception interactive, colorful, unique and fun with this creative puzzle concept. Love it ! Congrats to the creators of this concept!!!


    17. John writes...

      Double the fun by doing caricatures of the wedding couple or making them into cartoon characters.

    18. Eileen writes...

      I love all of this! Great ideas for a wedding or any type of party. Nice job!

    19. Meagan writes...

      What a great idea, I love the puzzle pieces. Everything came together and looks fabulous!

    20. Garrett R. writes...

      This might be one of the most creative and inspirational pieces of art/photography that I have ever seen. How it all ties together makes it something special.

    21. Beau & Debi writes...

      This looks great: fun, visual, and easy for everyone to figure out. Now I have a benchmark for the two weddings I’m attending in the next two weeks.

    22. Grace writes...

      ok the puzzle theme is genius, but it’s the campbell’s soup can that gets me. love the seamless details!

    23. Carol Saaadeh writes...


      My name is Carol I absolutly LOVE your wedding invitations! I am planning a wedding myself and puzzles are the theme. I want invitations and RSVP cards similar to what have created. Where did you purchase them? I have called several vendors, and nothing looks as Creative as what you have. Please if you have any information that you can forward me I would sincerely appreciate it!

      Thank you,

      Carol Saadeh

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