1960s Mod Wedding Ideas

Time for another fabulous Inspired Creations Contest concept from Nicole Pfeiffer Photography! For this concept, Nicole has channeled the magic of the 1960s with yellow and gray mod wedding ideas.

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-16

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-1460s Mod Wedding Ideas-17

You know if there is a pup involved, I’m instantly in love.

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-09

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-03

The tabletop is all about variety, clean lines, bold colors, and lots of fun!  Mismatched glassware, elegant and textured stationery, and square yellow plates were accompanied by a pop of the unexpected with a zebra.

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-07

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-0460s Mod Wedding Ideas-02

60 Mod Wedding Ideas-01

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-15

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-1360s Mod Wedding Ideas-12

Mustard yellow tights were the perfect bridesmaid accessory.  Fun paper flower bouquets completed the look.  All of the clothing is vintage 1960s.

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-19

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-1160s Mod Wedding Ideas-10

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-0860s Mod Wedding Ideas-24

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-05

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-21

60s Mod Wedding Ideas-25

For even more images of this unique and innovative 1960s mod concept, visit The Sweetest Occasion!

The following vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Photography and styling – Nicole Pfeiffer Photography
Models – Jessica Day and Tina Pietrzyk
Hair and makeup – Amanda Abraham
Venue – The Saginaw Art Museum
Paper flower bouquets – Paper Platypus
Graphic designer – Designs by Noelle
Paper flower napkin rings – Dixie and Eric
Place cards and envelopes – Nicole Parm

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13 comments on “1960s Mod Wedding Ideas

  1. This is one of my fave things ever! I’ve been thinking if I don’t go vintage glam for my wedding, I would definitely go mod. This is just so whimsy and cool, I’m loving the color palette AND that headband!

  2. Kelly DeKalita writes...

    Nicole you are FABULOUS. All of the laying of contrasting colors and textures look great and you captured it all so well with your unique eye. Love, love, love.

  3. The pics. were very good. The choice of colours, templates were just amazing. Good luck and thanks for posting it.

  4. having been born in 1960 I love seeing these photos, though I don;t think I love the fashions from that time. The model looks a bit like Twiggy – with a little meat on her bones, thankfully.

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