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This Inspired Creations Contest concept from The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith features five unique high-fashion bridal lingerie concepts, each complete with coordinating wedding garter and accessories. It shows that lingerie doesn’t have to be trashy or intimidating and proves that today’s lingerie styles are as modern and chic as today’s brides!

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-8

Julianne’s first lingerie concept is stylish and classic for the romantic at heart bride:

  • Ivory and coral lace camisole by Fleur’t Cymbeline
  • Gold Dolce & Gabbana shoes
  • Pink Channel purse
  • Long and short pearl necklaces
  • Punk Rock bride Alex wedding dress
  • Handmade ivory crochet necklace
  • Ivory/coral and pearl rosette stylish wedding garter

Ivory and Coral Stylish Wedding GarterRomantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-5

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-1

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-4Crocheted Necklace

The lovely ivory crocheted necklace was created by A Stitch to Wear.

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-2Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-3

The second style is for the traditional bride looking for something blue and sweet.

  • White lace and light blue satin baby doll camisole and panty set by Cosabella
  • Silver Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • White/light blue/lace stylish wedding garter
  • DIY hanger cover hand embroidered in blue
  • Blue/white beaded necklace
  • Royal blue Prada shoes
  • Punk Rock Bride Grace wedding dress

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-3Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-8

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-9

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-6Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-2

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-5

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-7Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-1

If you’re talented with a needle and thread, Julianne provided instructions for creating the gorgeous hand-embroidered hanger cover pictured above.  This pattern requires a basic understanding of sewing and embroidery. The hanger cover can be sewn entirely by hand, instead of on a sewing machine. The fabric, trim and embroidery can be substituted to get the desired look and feel.


  • Hanger
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss + needle
  • Pencil
  • Sewing machine + thread
  • Lace trim
  • Computer + printer


  1. Using pencil, trace outline of hanger onto wrong side of fabric to make a pattern. Cut out two matching hanger outline pattern pieces, allowing at least a 1/4 inch edge (for sewing) around pencil marks.
  2. On the right side of the fabric, sew lace trim separately onto bottom of each pattern piece.
  3. Line pattern pieces up with the right sides of the fabric together. Using machine, sew the pattern pieces together along the pencil marked outline. Leave unsewn the entire lace trimmed bottom, and a small hole at the exact center in the top for the hanger to poke through.
  4. Turn sewn pattern pieces right side out to reveal cover. Slip cover over hanger via the top hanger hook.

To add embroidery:

  1. Using computer, print “hers” onto a piece of paper in preferred size and font.
  2. Using pencil, lightly trace “hers” onto right side of fabric.
  3. Using embroidery floss and needle, use running stitch embroidery stitch to sew over the pencil marks.

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-4

Aqua and gold is bold, bright and so chic for the high-style bride.

  • Gold Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • Aqua blue lace bra and panty set by Simone Perele
  • Gold chain necklace
  • Aqua blue satin stylish wedding garter with bow
  • Gold vintage cuff bracelet

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-4

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-3Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-1

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-2

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-5Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-6

This next concept, purple passion, is for the modern bride looking to feel fun and flirty!

  • White and purple bra and panty set by Simone Perele
  • Purple suede and feather Jimmy Choo shoes
  • White/light purple stylish wedding garter
  • Gold/gray flowered necklace
  • Patchwork Channel purse

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-7Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-5

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-6

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-4

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-2Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-3

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-1

And last but certainly not least, black lace for the sexy and sophisticated bride.

  • Black lace bra and panty set
  • Black lace robe from Cosabella
  • Ivory satin and lace with black detail slip nightgown
  • Black/ivory/lace stylish wedding garter
  • Black satin and beads DIY necklace
  • Black velvet and ivory satin Chanel shoes

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-1

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-4Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-2

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-3

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-5

The following Washington DC wedding vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Concept, custom wedding garters – The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith
Photography – Studio Juno Photography
Lingerie – Coupe de Foudre Lingerie
Gowns and location – Punk Rock Bride
Secondary location – Taylor Gourmet
Prop styling – Shelly Steitz

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118 comments on “Stylish Bridal Lingerie

  1. Juli and Team – This is brilliant and beautiful! I can’t imagine how much work it was gathering all these items. Bravo to you all!

  2. Rosemary writes...

    beautiful shoot and styling…modern but classic all at the same time. Well done!

  3. Bernadette writes...

    I’m currently drooling over those shoes and lingerie pieces…What a great way to get wedding inspiration that isn’t the same old table-setting concept!

  4. Tracy Fauls writes...

    The photographywas amazing and equally stunning were the ensembles, provoking the sexy and confident side of every style bride to emerge!!! Bravo

  5. Lauren Keville writes...

    What an amazing shoot! The colors are fantastic, and I especially love the garters :)

  6. Laurie Kovarik writes...

    What a classy way to dress up the traditional garter! I love the styles in all these photos. Great photo shoot Julianne.

  7. Cathy Leary writes...

    I just love Julianne’s bridal garters; my daughter wore one of them when she got married a few years ago – all of her bridesmaids loved them as well!!! What a niche!!!!!

  8. Yianna writes...

    How fabulous, the pictures, the shoes, and of course the garters!

  9. Molly writes...

    Wow- great shots! I love the black lace look. Great shoes, too! :)

  10. Andrea Styron writes...

    What a perfect way to make a bride feel sexy and elegant!

  11. amy writes...

    Julianne’s garters are awesome! So special to have one made especially for you and your individual taste and style!

  12. Kate writes...

    Loved every option! Makes me want to get married all over again.

  13. Samantha writes...

    Nice work garter girl… your style never ceases to amaze me!

  14. Emily writes...

    Nice job, ladies! I especially like the personalized hanger — such a clever idea and so easy to make.

  15. Allison writes...

    love how every element is coordinated! great choices and love, love your garters!

  16. linda lignelli writes...

    Loved every collection, from the shoes to the necklaces, to the garters; well done

  17. Heidi writes...

    This is so elegant- my favorite is the black lace set. Wow! brilliant talent, Julianne!

  18. Mindy J. writes...

    Julianne…you have some talent girl! Love everything you create! Absolutely stunning!

  19. Maple Gioia writes...

    Brilliant! What beautiful pieces of work – they’re all very elegant.

  20. Marielle writes...

    I LOVE every single piece on here!! Wow…they are stunning. I have an online gift registry on, so I can easily add any of these gorgeous pieces to my registry. But I have no idea if it’s tasteless to put lingerie on there? I know my bridal party is going to be giving me a “treasure chest” for my shower anyway…is it trashy to have the lingerie that I want on my registry?

  21. Beth writes...

    Loved this shoot! I would love to know who that awesome blue and white beaded necklace is by! Ive been looking for something similar for my wedding!

  22. Susan Sodaski writes...

    Such a feminine flair! So inspitational that I started the hand-embroidered hanger for a gift. I love how you put it all together, think I’ll wear a garter more often and “forget”
    I have it on when someone spots it at the office. How funny would that be? Thanks garter girl.

  23. Thank you everyone for the great comments! It was a fun day of shooting working with a lot of beautiful items. Thanks go to Julianne for organizing everything.
    .-= Shelly Steitz’s most recent blog post: Check it out! =-.

  24. Molly huffman writes...

    I want all of this stuff! :) The pix look great, good work Shelly!!!

  25. Joanna writes...

    Jules… the photos. how do i get my hands on those shoes? every single pair!

  26. linda lignelli writes...

    loved how you gathered all the beautiful and sexy items~~they just seem all connected

  27. Amy Schrode writes...

    Beautiful displays. Lingerie and matching garters are on the cutting edge. The coordination is exceptional.

  28. Katherine Denmead writes...

    Beautiful…all of it. Do I have to get married again to wear this stuff?! Maybe just need a post baby bod. Good luck! Love

  29. Janet Smith writes...

    Loved them all. I’m glad I don’t have to choose just one!

  30. Jeanne writes...

    @marielle You probably know your friends and family well enough to know whether or not to post this stuff up… but for me, I wouldn’t do it. I feel like the only person who should know about what I’ll be wearing is my husabnd when he sees it… but that’s just me! Love btw!!! Have you seen their barcode scanning iphone app? Genius!!

  31. Betsy Czepiel writes...

    …….. Very impressive. ….. Everything is absolutely beautiful
    and so very well done. ……..

  32. Terry Bundrant writes...

    The hard textured backgrounds are great with the soft and lovely lingerie

  33. Jennifer McKinnell writes...

    So beautifully photographed and detailed. Wish I had these types of web sites at my fingertips when I was planning my wedding.

  34. Donna W. writes...

    As always a wonderful presentation. Wish these were around when I got married. To have one made just for me would have been awesome.

  35. Suzanne writes...

    Makes me want to get married all over again. These are wonderful collections!

  36. Judi writes...

    Beautiful shooting! Love everthing especially fond of the Chanel shoot! Juli….love your unique designs!

  37. Carol Lane writes...

    Julianne’s designs are lovely. The hanger really caught my attention – what a wonderful shower gift it would make!

  38. Margie Schellinger writes...

    Wonderful displays. Your creativity is awesome. Lots of luck.

  39. Betsy Czepiel writes...

    A wonderful presentation of so many beautiful works of art.

  40. Very well presented creative ideas. Makes choosing between the photo’s hard. So….since it’s up to me, I would order one of each. You get my vote for best presentation!

  41. Carol Wozniak writes...

    Fantastic selection of items to make daydreaming come to reality! Great presentation.
    It certainly is a great display of today’s Woman. To make every Bride feel extra special
    on the most important day for her to remember for the rest of her life. Bravo Julie!!

  42. Jennifer writes...

    Beautiful… I immediately went and bought the first Fleur’t Cymbeline Chemise. I can’t wait for it to arrive and to wear it on my wedding night!!! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Margaret Harner writes...

    Your collection is awesome. A top drawer ensemble that I will recommend to all brides who want to go first class.

  44. Donna Haas writes...

    How elegant is your collection! I love the lingerie with the gray hues.

  45. Jack Lignelli writes...

    Julianne Smith has made weddings that much more special with her handcrafted wedding garters…a blend of chique with traditional

  46. Terry Bundrant writes...

    Beautiful lingerie, Gartergirl. Impossible to chose a favorite!

  47. Mary Gamler writes...

    romantic, sexy and timeless…everything a bride is. Fills me with desire. Beautiful.

  48. Cori writes...

    What beauty! Julianne is truly talented. She knows how to mix high-end fashion with DIY fun to make the bride elegant and accessible. Bravo!

  49. carol brudereck writes...

    I love the look of elegantly crocheted accesories, it is becoming a lost art and how wonderful it is to see it come back in such a beautiful way.

  50. Carol Wozniak writes...

    This website is so dynamic! All the other contestants are making the Party work for the guests……but Julie, your ideas are making dreams come true to the Bride herself. I do not say this to be selfish, not that the guests are not intitled to have a good time at a Wedding gala, but making the Bride feel SEXY, and have her inner light shine thru,
    is what your photos inspire in all age groups who have had this opportunity to look at your album here. You go girl……

  51. megan writes...

    I love all of the garters! So unique! Very fun for the brides-to-be!

  52. Kate writes...

    Wow – great idea for the hanger!! Who knew that I (a no-sew kind of doe ;-) would be able to create a beautiful personalized hanger which was the perfect way to present the sexy teddy I bought for the bride to be. The directions were easy to follow and comprehensive. Wish you had more “how to” ideas for gifts on your site. Also do you know if Julianne makes garters that could match the embroidery on the hanger I made? (it says “Little Vixen” – isn’t that cute?) Thanks!!

  53. Kate writes...

    …….forgot to mention that my sister is making a hanger for her friend that says “Wear at your own risk! This garment may create babies!!” Hilarious! Great ideas – thanks for sharing.

  54. Stephen'ie writes...

    I don’t think I can actually sew the personalized hanger myself – is there a list of vendors who do this ‘on demand’? What a great idea.

  55. Bride-to-Be in Rittenhouse Square writes...

    Might be helpful to list contact info for people who can make these things. Do you know if the people who personalize the hangers could do the same thing for the garters? I’d love to give an embroidered garter to each of my bridesmaids…..please email contact info?

  56. Jane N. writes...

    Love the work! Make me want to get married again….just to enjoy these elegant and beautiful items!

  57. Alexa writes...

    The photography of this bridal lingerie is amazing. There are so many interesting aspects of each picture that makes it seem as though you are not just simply looking at pictures of lingerie.

  58. Rachel Denton writes...

    Beautiful! Sexy without being trashy – instead…elegant! Georgeous!!

  59. JoAnne writes...

    This collection of bridal items is so beautiful; each photo is elegant and flirty at the same time, definitely my favorite!

  60. Katherine Denmead writes...

    love all these……..well done, do you ship to the UK?

  61. sharon kahan writes...

    So inviting and love the whole look. Studio Juno amazing!

  62. Joanna writes...

    as always…..the shoes are my favorite part of the display. love those garters too!!

  63. vanessa writes...

    I love these pictures can you tell met he name of those gold Manolo’s I am trying to find them. Thanks!

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