1980s Retro High School Love!

The team of My Simple Details, Holly Chapple Flowers, Kate Triano Photography, and Paperzest is taking us back to the 1980s today with a retro high school sweetheart Inspired Creations Contest wedding concept!

1980s School Theme Table

The design started with a throw back to schoolyard days with custom mix tape favors!  Vintage school chairs paired with a white and chrome table, and a custom runner with black cursive numbers on a white background added a graphic element.  Vintage turquoise Melmac dishes were used to create a relaxed fun feel and mod orange water glasses added an additional pop of color to the tabletop. A “HS SWEET HEARTS” banner was strung on the bride and groom’s chairs.

Mix Tape 80s Wedding IdeasBlack and White Wedding Centerpiece

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-23

1980s High School Theme Wedding Invitation

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-331980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-32

Mix Tape 80s Wedding Decor

Menu cards were made to resemble grade school report cards and referred to each course as a period, such as “1st period: Crispy potato rounds with fancy tomato dipping sauce” and “5th period: Gym/Lyssa & Kris’s first dance to ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel”, the quintessential boombox love song.

Report Card School Theme Menu

Blue Feather Boutonniere

The boutonniere, created by Holly Chapple Flowers, was funky with a small black pocket made for the stems, turquoise spotted guinea feathers, black leucadendron and a single white ranunculus, with a black pin detail added to the center.  Similarly, the bouquet made a big statement with funky black leucadendron, black calla lilies, white ranunculus, white carnations, and various feathers.

White Bouquet with Blue Feathers80s School Theme Wedding Invitations

Programs, made by Paperzest, started with a hand drawn heart in the center. The finishing touch was an orange ribbon tie and a single spotted guinea feather emerging from the heart.  Custom letterpresses coasters, designed by Julia Juliette, were the perfect little detail and acted as additional favors for guests.

80s Theme Wedding Coasters

Other unique details included the use of white vinyl decals applied to one of the school chairs, which was painted black.  The same decals were applied to black cube vases for the centerpieces creating a cohesive graphic design.

Modern Black and White Centerpieces

80s Wedding Ideas Retro Blue Red and Black Tabletop

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-16

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-04

A custom veil from Unveiled Bridal Designs was the perfect fit for this funky 80s style, including spotted orange, turquoise, black, and white feathers with a white masque. The dress created by Vintage Mama, was a short flirty dress with pleats down the center for fun detail.

Blue Feather Birdcage Veil

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-27

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-17

A candy caddy allowed guests to indulge in their childhood favorites like pixie sticks and lollipops, sidewalk chalk was displayed for use on the black top, and jump ropes were strung around the playground and placed out for kids and adult to use.

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-18Pass a Note School Theme Guest Book

Crayon Chalk

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-191980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-26

The guest book table included flat note cards with cute school year pictures displayed in a vintage desk organizer. Guests could use blue or orange crayons to “pass a note” to the couple and hinted to the fact that there were “no teachers in sight.”  A boom box with microphone was also set up for guests to record some “boom box love“ for the couple on their big day.

School-Themed Guest Book

School-Theme Guest Book

School Theme Guest Book

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-14

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-13

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-071980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-28

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-06

Blue Black and Red Retro Tabletop80s School Theme Wedding Tabletop

80s School Theme Menu

1980s High School Theme Wedding Ideas-12

For even more totally radical images (I couldn’t resist!), visit The Sweetest Occasion. The following Northern Virginia wedding vendors contributed to this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Concept design and coordination – My Simple Details
Concept design and floral – Holly Chapple Flowers
Photography – Kate Triano Photography
Stationery – Paperzest
Veil – Unveiled Bridal Designs
Letterpress coasters – Julia Juliette
Dress – Vintage Mama
Vinyl decals – Byrdie Graphics

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26 comments on “1980s Retro High School Love!

  1. Ahh I adore this. The 80’s generation is definitely getting married right now, and this is such a sweetly nostalgic theme to celebrate with!

  2. oh my how great is this? Sweet details and super fun!
    .-= [email protected]’s most recent blog post: Coffee Cup Save the Dates! =-.

  3. MaryCatherine writes...

    What a beautiful couple!! I love this wedding idea/theme. The creativity is amazing & so genuine!

  4. I adore the veil!! It goes perfectly with the brides colouring and looks so cute and original

  5. Annie writes...

    What a fantastic concept! Love the mix tapes……and such a magazine-cover couple. :) The bride is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing…..

  6. Liz writes...

    LOVE this! Where did you get the retro school chairs? They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to complete my dining room.

  7. Nita writes...

    This is EXACTLY the theme I want to utilize for my wedding. Now for the proposal..LOL. Seriously, I’ve dated my high school sweetheart on and off forever and we are now talking about marriage. The only difference is the decade: 90s. This was so inspirational!

  8. What a wicked design! The colours are fantastic and the little birdcage veil is so pretty. The love notes tables is very cool too – an idea that could be used for any wedding theme. – Cas.

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