To pom? Or not to pom?


To pom or not to pom? That is my question.

Ever since I saw our venue and started planning, I knew I wanted something to hang from the ceiling (see here, and here) but I wanted it to be something different…meaning, I would rather be making something different than the tissue paper poms as directed on Martha’s website.

First, I tried making versions of Dolci Odille’s fabric garland, and then Dolci Odille’s fabric poms. Here’s what I got:

Fabric Poms and Flowers
{photo by me}

The bigger poms in the back are modeled after Once Wed’s fabric poms, one is made from fabric and the other is made from those ruffley coffee filters, both with a small styrofoam ball in the center instead of the paper lantern as they suggest. The ones in the front are just bigger versions of their fabric flower garlands.

  • A garland of the small flowers will just completely get lost in the rafters
  • A garland of the larger flowers just doesn’t look good and it’d take way too much fabric and time to make the amount needed
  • The small fabric poms are my favorite, but still are a too small and I am not sure if they’d actually look different than tissue poms from down below. Why spend the extra time and money then?
  • The larger coffee filter poms just don’t do anything for me. We’re actually working on (as I type) trying to spruce them up a little bit…make them different colors.

I’m not in love enough with the size and feel of any of them to invest lots of time and money into making them for our wedding. Alas, I may be giving up on finding something that is different and that would also not cost an arm and a leg.

My last shot will be to try and do something like these:

{Aaron Delesie via Style Me Pretty}

Riverview Country Club
{our venue}

That’s a photo of our venue…what do you think? Will having some sort of pom/garland take away from everything going on our tables?

wedding tablescape
{Jessica Claire via Style Me Pretty}

Did you think that you over or under-decorated your reception and wish you would have done more/less?

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7 comments on “To pom? Or not to pom?

  1. I saw this idea recently & loved it – buy a bunch of styrofoam balls from the craft store, make a bunch of the smaller fabric flowers in different colors, & pin or hot glue gun them to the styrofoam ball. I’ve seen brides do this for their bouquets before, but with a larger styrofoam ball, this idea could make a perfect decoration to hang from the rafters. Beautiful venue, btw! I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  2. Sara writes...

    On a whim, we purchased 7 Martha Stewart poms in pinks and reds, 3 large and 4 medium, for my daughter’s bridal shower. They were slightly difficult to “poof out” but the effect was amazing. We sort of sprinkled them around the outdoor venue and were truly surprised by how the POP of color livened up the place. We made an instant decision to purchase a bunch more from an Etsy seller (ProstToTheHost) for the reception. Being able to choose the colors and sizes made all the difference. *Love Etsy custom orders!* Their wedding decor is basically DIY, but I think in purchasing these we will get enormous bang for the buck.

  3. I don’t know… It seems as if the pom ideas that you were posting were getting more and more elaborate (from the first lantern/ribbon images, to the last Aaron Delesie Pom Clusters.) Looking at your tabletop inspiration (the last photo of the post?) , I would probably pick something more simple, along the lines of the Chinese lanterns…I guess it’s personal preference, but it seems that it would be a bit much to have all of that going on above as well as below- especially if you are pressed for time…HTH!
    .-= Kim @ parisian party’s most recent blog post: wedding money box: oui or non? =-.

  4. Have you thought of creating a garland of tissue paper poms instead of fabric ones? They are so much easier and less expensive, but would give you a similar effect. I think a garland would look so beautiful draped over the open rafters of the barn, and it would be different than the poms that seem to be everywhere these days!
    .-= Hilary / Lovely and Gracious’s most recent blog post: Vintage white Ojai wedding =-.

  5. I’d leave the rafters alone, or wrap them in twinkle lights. I think something hanging down might distract from the hight of the room, and make the tables stand out less (though if you’re trying to minimize attention to table decor, go for it!).

  6. Stephanie Larson writes...

    For my wedding, my mother constructed 100 white tissue poms based on the template from Martha Stewart. My mom created a cardboard stencil, traced the jagged line (for the dahlia-like shape), and cut the edges, folded the paper, and twisted on the wire. We hired a company that does large prop assembly and suspension for parties and theater, and they suspended the 100 poms over our dance floor using a wire grid. I constructed a butterfly chandelier from a hula hoop, covering it in black sheer satin ribbon, hung ribbon from the hoop, purchased 72 various green butterflies from Clear Cut Crafts (on Etsy), and sewed them on the dangling ribbons. The chandelier was centered among the poms, so it looked like a sea of clouds with a flurry of butterflies flying among them. With the wash of pink from the can lights on the tent poles, it was like a fairyland. I totally promote the use of any poms (tissue, fabric, or other), because it really does create a magical scene for a wedding or any event.

  7. Darcey writes...

    Dolci Odille’s this is my niece in law. she made me some flowers for christmas one year, i love them

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