The Invitations: Part 2


I realized that I never even got to show you our Chinese invitations! They were definitely a challenge, but I am pretty pleased with how they came out!


The boy’s parents are not fluent in English, and many of our guests speak Cantonese, so we had the invitation translated (you can see it above.) I do not know Chinese, so we hired the lovely folks at H2 Cards in San Francisco to help me. They made it really easy by sending me a file (and our parents to proof,) which I then placed in my own design. If you are in need of a Chinese translation, I highly recommend them!

These are offset printed and not letterpress, but I still wanted to make them look fancier, so I wrapped each one in a doily using a bone folder and had these custom stickers made from Mau Studio. I love the stickers so much, and the designer even threw in some extras!



This is how it looks fresh from the envelope! I have a whole lot of doilies now. I bought them in a 500 pack from Paper Mart.

{The full set!}

Design: Me
Printing: H2 Cards/Catprint
Chinese Translation: H2 Cards
Doilies: Paper Mart
Stickers: Mau Studio

Is anyone else doing multilingual invitations?

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6 comments on “The Invitations: Part 2

  1. Alicia writes...

    I absolutely love your creativity & invites! I think I want to copy your idea of using the doilies to wrap the invites in. What size did you buy? Thanks!

  2. LA girl writes...

    Those are fantastic! Too bad I won’t be using bilingual invites even though I’m Chinese American. I’m a 3rd generation, and nobody can read Chinese anymore. Congrats on your designing skills!

  3. Very nice! Keep up the great work!

    Since our company is based in Montreal, Canada, most of the invitations we create are bilingual.

    Our own wedding invitations have three versions: English-French, French-Vietnamese and English-Vietnamese (!)

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