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Happy Friday everyone!  I have another lovely Inspired Creations Contest shoot to show off today – modern and glamorous bridal fashion inspiration from the Portland team of Sara Gray Photography, Madeline RooseveltAmy Wing, and Serephine.  The model is Sara’s beautiful younger sister Emily who is getting married this summer!  The team wanted to incorporate sparkle without going wild, so they kept to a neutral color palette of gold, ivory, white, and silver.  A sassy sequin dress from Nordstrom, glitter heels, dramatic makeup and fabulous accessories make this a perfect look for the modern bride.


Amy Wing brought her collection of hammered silver and gold jewelry to create soft sparkles around Emily’s neck, and Erin from Serephine created a new original headpiece for the shoot, the “Reina”.  Call It Spring Dajani gold glitter pumps complete the accessories.  Madeline Roosevelt went dramatic for the look with gunmetal gray smoky eyes that shimmer with drama.





A fun little DIY is this lovely fabric flower bouquet that Sara created.


  • Wire whisk
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Lightweight, silky fabric (3-4 yards total)
  • Needle and thread for hand-sewing


  1. Buy a wire whisk for the base. Bend and stretch the wire blades into a bouquet-like shape.
  2. Cut circles from the fabric, using as much of the fabric as you can. Circles should be about 2.5 inches across (no need for them to be exact). Take a circle of fabric and fold it into quarters. Then, with your sewing needle and thread, sew one stitch into the bottom of your little triangle (to clarify, use your needle and go through the fabric once, then back up through the fabric again). Then stitch on another, up to 12 circles. Then loop back to the first circle and tighten the thread, forming a circle. Tie off the thread and continue to make more groupings. These are your individual flowers.
  3. After you’ve completed the flowers, hot glue each to the metal wires of the whisk. Make sure you’re covering all the blank space so you can’t see into the whisk.
  4. Wrap the handle of the whisk with ribbon and hot glue. Start from the end, so you have a nice smooth edge, and work your way up. Toward the top, it won’t matter how perfect it is since it’ll be hidden beneath the bottom flowers.





The following Portland wedding vendors contributed to this inspirational bridal fashion shoot:

Photography and styling – Sara Gray Photography \ Hair and makeup – Madeline Roosevelt \ Jewelry – Amy Wing \ Hair accessories – Serephine \ Location – The Jupiter Hotel \ Gown – Nordstrom \ Shoes – Call It Spring Dajani

For more Portland wedding inspiration, visit the Portland local guide!

*Sara Gray is one of EAD’s fabulous sponsors.  For information on EAD’s editorial policies, click here.

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36 comments on “Modern Glam Bride

  1. Adore her hairpiece and do you know where the jewelry is from? Perfect!

    Art by Karena

  2. Hey Karena: Amy Wing Designs did the jewelry, she is based in Portland and her link is above in the post.

  3. Beautifully styled shoot! The model is lovely and the shoes and jewelery are perfect. And that hair do-hicky… why can’t I wear those in everyday life without feeling funny?

  4. You don’t have to feel funny wearing the “hair do-hickys!” I wear them all the time and people love them! :)

  5. Pat Landye writes...

    The hair pieces by Serephine are absolutely fabulous! They are more than just a wedding accessory — great for any dressy occasion!

  6. Stephanie Park writes...

    I love those sparkly shoes! Even more, I love the hair piece. It adds just the right amount of sophisticated fun! I can’t wait until I decide which style I want for my very own order! Beautiful!

  7. Stephanie Park writes...

    In addition, I like how the background is blurred. It really allows the bride to be and accessories to be showcased. Great job!

  8. Carly Kenagy writes...

    I love how the style in this shoot is both bold and delicate. Everything looks great; I especially love the accessories–the shoes, the hammered gold and silver necklace, and the hair piece. Such distinctive, ultra-feminine style!

  9. Courtney Elam writes...

    Love these shots–gorg model, fab shoes, and great hair piece!

  10. Jackie writes...

    The hair piece is stunning! Love the fullness and details of it!

  11. Vanessa Boyd writes...

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Wonderful styling – I love the sparkling shoes, hammered gold necklace, and the fabulous feather hairpiece!

  12. Liane writes...

    Pretty much wanted to have my wedding all over again after seeing this – love the shoes, the hairpiece is perfect, and the whole color palette is great. Maybe I will also add the bouquet to my living room decor!

  13. Kirsten writes...

    Amazing work. The hair piece is to die for- it is the perfect touch. I love the color palette and the shoot turned out great.

  14. robbie18 writes...

    wow thanks for this. i love everything i see. this is super cool, thanks that it is pretty good with my invitation. it is unique and also has a personal touch. if you guys also want to have your wedding invitations customized and personally done. I am suggesting that you should see this link this is pretty cool and perfectly good for you!

  15. Lesli writes...

    I love the gold shoes in this photo shoot! Also, the hair piece from Serephine is gorgeous!

  16. We had a such a great time putting the shoot together, so its great to hear that so many of you loved it!

  17. Jaynee Brooks writes...

    What a beautifully pulled together shoot. I am very impressed with the designs and the easy elegance! I looked it!

  18. I love the wedding fascinator – perfectly bridal and beautiful – and I love the bouquet – don’t you just want to keep it in your sitting room forever. And, before I forget, so dig the shoes!!!

  19. Ashley writes...

    Beautiful photos…and what a small world! Erin (the creator of Serephine) is one of my high school friends, and Emily is my Pi Phi sister!

  20. Deena writes...

    Such a pretty shoot! Elegant and fun! The hairpieces are stunning.

  21. It is the epitome of subtle elegance mixed with Portland style!
    You guys did a GREAT job!

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