Pancakes & Honey Breakfast

I’m so excited to show off today’s Inspired Creations Contest idea – it’s retro, vintage, and fresh!  The Chicago team of Jaclyn Simpson Photography, Fleur, and Lily Red Studio created an intimate brunch wedding setting full of scrumptious pancakes and french toast kebabs, on a tabletop set with a handsewn runner, glittering crystal votive holders, and lush blooms. The honey, peach, and tangerine color palette is warm and sweet, and honey dipper favors are the perfect favor.  There are just so many little details to obsess over, so run over and see even more of the images in the gallery!
















These ladies put lots of DIY love into this tabletop, so check back later today for instructions for all of the projects!  And remember, if this shoot is your favorite Inspired Creations Contest idea – sound off in the comments and share your love!

Photography – Jaclyn Simpson Photography \ Floral and table design – Fleur \ Stationery – Lily Red Studio \ Venue – Salvage One

*Fleur is one of EAD’s fabulous featured vendors.  For information on EAD’s editorial policies, click here.

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42 comments on “Pancakes & Honey Breakfast

  1. This was beyond fun to work on! We were so inspired by honey’s sweetness and wanted to translate it into a lovely brunch setting. Suzy & Jaclyn are such talented women, it was a pure delight to work with them. And Salvage One is such a fabulous setting. Thank you much much for featuring this shoot, it has me completely tickled!!!!

  2. Marlene writes...

    Wow, how creative! So many fun and interesting details to pour over and over in effort to take it all in. I love the rich color scheme and the pancake and honey theme. great job…now I’m hungry for pancakes and honey.

  3. So lovely ladies! I think the color palette is so fresh, I love all the little details, and those anemones are to die for. A winner for sure!

  4. This is definitely one of my favorites! Gorgeous! I love the colors and details. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a brunch wedding! Breakfast is my favorite meal!!!

  5. Kristen writes...

    Love Love Love this!!! I would have never thought of this and all of the detail. AMAZING…got my vote for the winner!

  6. I had such a great time working with Kelly Marie and Jaclyn! Thanks ladies – I’m so lucky to know both of you – you truly inspire me! Also a big thanks to Salvage One – such an awesome venue – I wish I could live there!

  7. Amy writes...

    Gorgeous as always, Jaclyn, and team!! The palette and lighting is beautiful. Love it!

  8. So sweet the pancakes! Kelly Marie, you’re always my soul sister of vintage charms. I think we are purchasing in the same things in psychic tandem ; ) Nice work you guys!

    • Natalie, you and I are crazy. I love it. I actually have a little vintage piece for you… :) :) :)

  9. M. Caleb writes...

    This tablescape hearkens to a sort of ruritanian banquet. The original yet homestyle textures of yellow mustard flower patterns and crystal holders give a new-age feel to the vintage and antique assortment. The Fleur bouquets and Lily Red Design placecards compliment each other, creating a sweet and respectable feel to match the scrumptious pancakes and honey. Jaclyn Simpson Photography captures the warm and inviting colors, as well as the sincere character of the tablescape. This all-inclusive revisiting to yesteryear carries with it a past that is both reminiscent and imaginable. What an amazing display–way to go Suzy, Kelly Marie and Jaclyn!!!

  10. steve writes...

    Everything looks amazing! I really like the use of antiques it gives the whole spread / shoot a classy authentic feel.

  11. Dave Thompson writes...

    Outstanding, original, and fun! I’m hungry, but it looks too good to eat! Almost…

  12. Liz Pegg writes...

    Fun & elegant! I love the traditional touches highlighting the unique flair!

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