Champagne and Plumes

I hope you are loving the Inspired Creations Contest concepts so far and that they are giving you many creative and budget-friendly ideas for your wedding!  Today’s concept from the Portland, OR team of Rachael Hershmann from Lace and Likes, Debbie Dennis from BridalhoodMarigold Vintage Rentals and Benjamin Edwards features a vintage and feminine gold and pink tablescape and beverage station incorporating champagne, ostrich plumes and lots of sparkly details!


The tabletop was set with vintage china, gold flatware, and glitter-covered vases full of lush ranunculus, peonies, and baby’s breath.  Antique gold-rimmed champagne glasses were filled with glitter and held gold flags that served as place cards, and vintage sparkly rings from Rachael’s grandmother dressed the vivid pink napkins.



Marigold Vintage Rentals brought in all of the vintage and rustic furniture for the shoot, including the distressed long white farm table, the antique hutch, the mismatched chairs, vintage chandeliers, old gold and pink suitcases, and beautiful soft textured pillows.  Rachael and Debbie created a backdrop of beautiful flowy white fabric accented with shiny pink and gold ribbons.  Perfect as a decor piece and a photo booth too!



To add a vintage touch, the champagne cocktail bar used old bottles and gold beverage pourers found at an antique store, and the menu featured old-fashioned champagne cocktails with elderflower and ginger liqueurs, honey vodka, and rose water.  Gold swizzle stir poms are the perfect glam touch!






I adore the elegant and flowy Pocket Full of Posey gown from local Portland designer Claire La Faye!






Remember, if this shoot is your favorite contest idea – share your love in the comments.  And, you can view many more of the delicious images in the gallery!

The following Portland wedding vendors contributed to this inspirational wedding shoot:

Design – Rachael Hershmann from Lace and Likes and Debbie Dennis from Bridalhood \ Rentals – Marigold Vintage Rentals \ Photography – Benjamin Edwards \ Gown – Claire La Faye \ Stationery – Alexandria Husby \ Floral – supplied by Russ Wholesale Flowers

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105 comments on “Champagne and Plumes

    • Oh my goodness, where do I begin?! This shoot is beyond amazing. So many incredible details I can hardly stand it! I want to jump in and get married all over again! Good job ladies!

  1. yes yes YES!

    This is definitely my favourite so far! Love the soft pink & gold combination, as well as the mix of glamour and rustic wood!

    Amazing work and attention to detail.

  2. kea writes...

    love love love the vintge look. def, the most unique look of them all. great job ladies

  3. marigold writes...

    kate maxwell, we do deliver to the portland market – but, we’re slowly moving our stuff up north. :)

  4. SWOON! This is by far my favorite, I love the pink plumes + gold details. So lovely.. Great job Rachael and all the lovely ladies!

  5. Kristin writes...

    Going on 25 years of marriage and if I could do it all again I would do it like this! It’s beautiful! So romantic! Perhaps I can hire you for the renewal of our vows!

  6. Shelly writes...

    This is beautiful! I loved the gold pom pom stirrers and feathers dangling from the ceiling. Those drinks sound delicious too :)

  7. Adrienne writes...

    I LOVE this! So, so pretty!! Marigold, I absolutly adore everything you have!! So beautiful!!

  8. amazing!! my favorite so far!! so elegant and beautiful. the intentional details are what set this one apart from the rest.

  9. Oh this is amazing. It hits all the right notes. There is something about the decadence and luxury golden flatware and chargers mixed with long shabby chic white washed rustic tables that makes the insides of my elbows all tingly.

  10. WOW! You two are so talented! I hope you’re still around in 5-10 years when I hope to gain a son-in-law:) Your creations are unique and exquisite….absolutely beautiful

  11. WOW! Your creations are so unique and exquisite…..I hope you two are around when I’m fortunate enough to gain a son-in-law.

  12. Judy writes...

    The vintage ideas lovely and elegant! Just the right touch of gold and glitter. The shabby chic look is a winner for me. Congrats to this talented team on a beautiful setting.

  13. Lisa Brians writes...

    Love, Love LOVE the gorgeous pictures here. The vintage look and colors are amazing! Wonderful………….

  14. Buffy writes...

    GA GA GORGEOUS!!! Words can’t describe the feeling I get when I look at your creativity and originality. You ladies have a long and wonderful career ahead of you! It took my breath away :)

  15. Tessa writes...

    This is breath taking beautiful! Absolutely amazing. It totally opens your mind to what can be done on a budget. These people know what they are doing! Love love love it!

  16. Ginni writes...

    It is so beautiful and “girlie”. I love the feather placement and the gold accents to the “photo booth”. I love their creativity. What an inspiration.

  17. Emily O. writes...

    Love this! Pink and gold remind me of champagne and champagne reminds me of a celebration. Let’s party!

  18. Christi writes...

    Absolutely beautiful! You ladies are so very talented! Rachael, I love the napkins! Great Job

  19. Jeanne Bergeron writes...

    Beautiful… I love the rustic old fashion simplicity … presented with such elegance.

  20. Rachel Akerson writes...

    How incredibly beautiful! This is such a sweet setup – it makes me want to get married again! (but only if it would look JUST like this) Definitely my favorite so far. It’s just so warm and sweet and well thought out. GREAT JOB!!!

  21. Cynthia writes...

    OMG!! I so Love this, this is just beautiful, I want this when I get married…
    Just beautiful……..

  22. MistyLynne writes...

    Well done, the design is elegant, and flows so nicely. The vintage pieces are beautiful. the devils in the details and no detail was left un-done. Love it!

  23. Carolyn Garcia writes...

    Trying to find the right words to describe how delightful these pictures were to look at. Kinda has a Parisian vibe too it. Well done Rachel!

  24. jan writes...

    wow, i put my vote in last week for my favorite however i love this won. winner, winner chicken dinner! vintage furniture is SO sweet.

  25. Jessica Fandrick writes...

    I love this! The combination of the rustic and the elegant gives the venue a distinctive character that is the perfect backdrop for an event that won’t soon be forgotten. The charming vintage elements like the ribbons and the rings show a connection with the past, but the creative and unique arrangements infuse the space with a modern flair. The talented ladies who designed this setting ensured that guests would encounter a refreshing surprise around every corner and everything that’s needed for a festive and memorable evening. Wonderful, expert job!

  26. Stacy Drageset writes...

    Oh my…If only I could do it all again… My favorite by far!! This is absolutely stunning… The perfect combination of elegance, vintage flair and romanticism. Absolutely beautiful!

  27. I want to dive into a sea of those plumes with whatever drink is in those champagne glasses!! The bride looks gorgeous and the orange pillow chair just rocks my socks! This appears to be a relatively small space you used, and it just feels so warm and cozy. I’m inspired!

  28. Wow!!! Debbie and her team did an amazing job!!! Love the color palatte and all the fabulous little details…especially the feathers hanging from above! And all the vintage rentals are just perfect for this shoot! Fabulous job everyone…definitely my fave ;-)


  29. David writes...

    I am just tickled pink about this shoot! Everything is beautifully done, Rachael. You are so talented! This is something to be very proud of! XOXO

  30. Brittany writes...

    Beautifully done ladies! I have to rep for Oregon :) plus, it is so dang cute !

  31. Paige writes...

    This is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Great ideas, great photos. Love it all

  32. danielle writes...

    if life looked like a pink cupcake, i believe this is exactly what it would look like. abosolute divine work in decorating and photography. it is truely an outstanding vision.

  33. Brittany Machado writes...

    This is the most darling and bold design. The gold gives the scene real strength and yet the whole ambiance is dream-like. It would be such a gorgeous and magical wedding concept!

  34. Diana Petrusan writes...

    I love the use of gold in this shoot. it is so dreamy. and just the right amount of sparkle. i am in love.

  35. Rikki writes...

    Love the table and the mix-match chairs. All the colors work great together – great job!

  36. kelly writes...

    love the gold swizzle poms on the drinks! so cute. great job ladies!!

  37. tere writes...

    i finally found pictures of soft pink and gold, so amazing guys thank you. ill be using this color on my wedding..

  38. Your blog is beautiful, I’m so happy I found you! Such a perfect balance of vintage, never over done or too contrived. Your pictures are inspiring.

  39. Kathy cb writes...

    Hi! LOVE the gold Pom stirrers. Where did you get them? I need them for my Oscar Party. Thank you!!

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