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I hope you loved following all of the Glitter and Glam Inspired Creations Contest ideas that were posted here on EAD and over on The Sweetest Occasion!  Here is a roundup of all our amazing entries – you can click on each picture to go to the full entry and see all of the talented wedding vendors who participated in the contest! Be sure to share your love for your favorite concepts in the comments as reader input will be taken into account when determining the top 10.

Dreamy Loft Wedding Inspiration


A Parisian Masquerade


Glittery Pink and Gold Bridal Shower Ideas


Pink + White Shabby Chic Wedding Style


Modern Glam Bride


1920s Vintage Glamour


Keep Calm and Dream On


Marie Antoinette Inspiration


Classic Americana


Mixed Metallic Wedding Inspiration


Lemongrass, Periwinkle & Charcoal


Country Vintage Wedding Ideas


Pretty in Punk


Woodsy Winter Canadiana


Japanese-Inspired Spring Wedding Shoot


Champagne and Plumes


Green & Gold Sparkly Tabletop


Inspired by Paris


Plum & Bronze Glamour


Pretty Pastels and Metallics


Glamorous Wedding Style Under the Trees


Art Deco Inspiration


Vibrant + Chic Seasonal Wedding Style


Rocker-Chic Inspiration Shoot in Big Bear


Gold Gatsby-Inspired Wedding Ideas


Luxe-Inspired Wedding Style


Chocolate and Wine


Burlap and Bling


Modern Industrial Glamour


Pancakes & Honey Breakfast


Be sure to share your love for your favorite concepts in the comments as reader input will be taken into account when determining the top 10.

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91 comments on “Inspired Creations Contest Roundup

  1. I love seeing this overview of all the great submissions! Our team headed by Lovewell Event Design is so honored to be included in the company of such talent! Thanks again for creating this opportunity for us. xoxo

  2. Nicky writes...

    the plum and bronze glamour is seriously the BEST one out of all of them!!! It stands out from all the others and is seriously sooo dreamy!!!!! They deserve to win!!!!!!

  3. Mia writes...

    I have to say that the Plum and Bronze Glamour team really created a regal display. Simple, yet elegant, but most importantly-classic.

  4. My faves are the country vintage and the candian winter (I liked the americana one too but I wan’t sure that it was glittery enough)

  5. Abigail DePasquale writes...

    You have my vote for Glamorous Weddings Under the Trees!!!

  6. Katie writes...

    I LOVE the Glamorous Wedding under the Trees. So beautiful!

  7. Laurel writes...

    Absolutely gorgeous! So many great ideas for my upcoming wedding! :) thanks for posting this!

  8. Dixie @"I DO" Flowers & More writes...

    Thank you so much for all of the beautiful inspiration. My bride was thoroughly impressed and has asked me to incorporate some of these ideas. Thank you again.

  9. Mag writes...

    Luxe please! Very different from the others- nice to see someone go away from the shabby chic of last year and try something more unique. Love the lighting aspect too!

  10. Mary writes...

    The Plum and Bronze Glamour is so unique and different from the rest!

  11. Christina writes...

    I have to agree with the norm. I really like the Plum and Bronze Glamour.

  12. Terisa writes...

    Plum and Bronze Glamour is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Andreea writes...

    Plum and Bronze Glamour is the one!!!!!!!! its B E A U T I F U L :)))))) <3 <3 <3

  14. It was so much fun to be a part of this contest and I’m so proud of our Champagne and Plumes entry. There was a lot of talent involved and I’m glad we are part of the mix. Thanks EAD and The Sweetest Occasion

  15. We worked so hard on Glamorous Wedding Style Under the Trees. I am honored to be part of Lavender & Twine, and Bella Raines’s submission, let alone the company of such talented designers and vendors. Thank you to The Sweetest Occasion and Elizabeth Anne Designs for hosting this contest and all the inspiration and drive that came along with it. My vote is for 1920s Vintage Glamour.

  16. I absolutely loved coming up with a glitter and glam look and thought MIXED METALLICS was the perfect way to showcase a bunch of beautiful metallic finishes with pops of fuchsia flowers…any bride can get the look too–that is what is great about it!

  17. Kristina writes...

    I also loved Mixed Metallics. I thought it was the most unique use of floral and the metallic finish trend! Way to go!!

  18. I can’t believe that you are somehow going to narrow it down to one! I kept visiting both pages with the idea that “there was no way they could top yesterdays” and yet every day there was a new piece of genius up! I am completely snotty about stuff like this… but seriously I am glad it isn’t my job to choose!!! I was crazy impressed with how the Keep Calm group did something completely different and refreshing, yet kept the theme in mind… the 1920’s group was genius and timely, as I think this theme will run rampant in the next bit with Water for Elephants being a success… the Champagne and Plumes group’s is just DREAMY and the Under the Trees group obviously hit it out of the park as their images have graced every blog in the weddingblogosphere (including mine)… The canadian group was freaking stunning AND get extra points for having a team that worked magic while freezing their patooties off… and the peacock team, well, anything involving peacock feathers gets my vote. So please put in my vote for all of those :)

  19. I vote for the glamour under the trees…I love how the rustic outdoors and glamour of all the crystals go together so well!

  20. I love Glamorous Wedding Under the Tree. I like the contrast between rustic and glamour. Simply beautiful!

  21. Diana writes...

    I absolutely love the outdoor wedding! So creative and beautiful… I can see a wedding happening with the chandeliers and crystal, yet savoring the beauty of nature. Great job!

  22. mimi writes...

    I love the creativity of Glamorous Wedding Under the Tree. Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. kevin writes...

    From a male’s perspective, I have to say I would love to have a wedding Under the Trees…something that is attractive to the bride, but the groom as well. Beautiful for us both.

  24. louise writes...

    All of the sites are beautiful, but the Wedding Under the Trees is breathtaking and yet is absolutely done in great taste. The outdoor backdrop is serene. The contrast of the classy setting and Mother Nature is gorgeous! Deserves the prize…

  25. Dean writes...

    I am so impressed with the creativity of the Wedding Under the Trees submission. As a photographer myself, I can see a wedding happening on this site with spectacular pictures as a result. The simplicity and classiness prove that less is best! What a great idea.

  26. Vicky writes...

    Being a lover of the outdoors, I especially love the Wedding Under the Trees submission. Beautiful! Simple! Classy! The flowers and chandeliers set the borders with the magnificent scenery as a backdrop. I love it…

  27. June writes...

    The simplicity of the Wedding Under the Tree is definitely hard to beat. Tastefully done. Congrats.

  28. Lynne writes...

    All of the submissions deserve congratulations, but my favorite by far is the Wedding Under the Tree. An awesome concept; so simple but truly gorgeous.

  29. petra writes...

    I fell in love with “Glamorous wedding style under the trees”! The contrasts in this beautiful scene are symbolic of the contrasts in two very differant lifes coming together in a celebration of love! Amazingly creative and gorgeous!!!

  30. We had such a great time putting together our look for a Modern Glam Bride, and I’m happy to be in a contest with so many great entries. What a great collection of looks, and what a hard choice for you to pick amongst them!

  31. well of course i have to say ‘pretty pastels and metallics’ since i worked on it. it was great fun and a joy to work on with such a great team! hope others enjoyed it as well.

  32. Hi All! I photographed the Glamour Under The Trees entry and I just have to say that I am so humbled by the amazing response. Bella Raines did an amazing job creating the scene. All of the entries are just stunning! I have to say though that Andrea of Tapestri’s comment has piqued my interest. I had no idea that the images of our entry had ‘graced every blog in the weddingblogosphere’. Which blogs? I’d love to see them! :)

  33. Andrea writes...

    Plum and Bronze Glamour really hit the point of creating a Glitter and Glam Inspired shoot! There attention to detail is just phenomenal!

  34. Brooke writes...

    They are all beautiful, but the Wedding Under the Trees was by far the most creative and original. The surroundings were a backdrop hard to beat…

  35. Brittany writes...

    I am keeping notes on the Wedding Under the Trees for my special day. It is my dream wedding!

  36. Annette writes...

    Hard to pick just one because they are all special, but I absolutely think Wedding Under the Trees is the best.

  37. Dalani writes...

    When it comes time to plan my wedding, I hope it looks half as beautiful as the Wedding Under the Trees. The idea could be used on the beach, in the mountains, in the desert. So beautiful and simple. I love it!

  38. Susan writes...

    Congrats to all of the entries. They are beautiful! Having to pick just one, my choice would be the Wedding Under the Trees. I love the contrast. Original and creative.

  39. Audree writes...

    OMG!! Wedding Under the Trees is beautiful…love it! love it! love it!

  40. Wilma writes...

    Wish my wedding had been like the Wedding Under the Trees. Dreamy!

  41. Quinton writes...

    I’m an outdoor kind of guy. I have to vote for Wedding Under the Trees.

  42. Marie writes...

    The flowers were the perfect compliment to the rustic setting in the Wedding Under the Trees. The simple, yet elegant, pieces were the right choices to make it so unique, yet in great taste. All of the entries deserve kudos…great job! Very talented people.

  43. Sandy writes...

    I grew up in the mountains, and wish I had the creativity when planning my own wedding to make it as beautiful as Wedding Under the Trees. Who would have thought you could incorporate the crystal with Mother Nature? I am impressed.

  44. Janet writes...

    No doubt. Wedding Under the Trees is by far the most creative.

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