DIY Doily & Cupcake Liner Garland


This doily and cupcake liner garland adds a romantic, handmade touch to your decor, and it’s super fun and easy to do! You can use the doilies as they come, but we decided to tea-stain ours to add a little color. We also used a variety of different sized cupcake liners to add dimension.


Supplies needed:

  • variety of cupcake liners
  • white paper doilies
  • stove top
  • twine
  • large sewing needle
  • tea
  • medium sized sauce pan



1. Fill the sauce pan with water and place 6 tea bags in it. Turn the heat to med-low and let the tea begin to brew. Note: the more tea you use, the darker the color will be.


2. After about 10 minutes, when the water has become a nice tea color, place 1 – 4 doilies in the water. The more doilies, you add to the pan, the more likely they will rip, so be gentle.

3. Let the doilies soak for about 15 minutes, remove from pan, and place on a dish towel to dry. The longer you let them stay in the pan, the darker the color will become, but you don’t want to leave them in too long or they will start to fall apart.


4. Once the doilies are dry, thread the needle with the desired length of twine, knotting it at one end.


5. You can either flatten the cupcake liners or leave them the way they are. In this garland we did a bit of both, but it’s really up to you.


6. Poke the needle through each layer as you like.


7. Repeat until you reach your desired length, then knot the twine at the other end.


Hang and enjoy!


Tutorial by Andrea Gray Harper for Elizabeth Anne Designs. View the printable version here!

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16 comments on “DIY Doily & Cupcake Liner Garland

    • Ami writes...

      absolutely! as long as they aren’t waxed, doubting the tea would hold to any sort of waxed paper?

  1. These are so sweet! Perhaps you could even use beetroot to stain the doilies pink? Or what else could be used to dye them?

  2. Thanks so much for all your comments! you could also use Kool-aid if you want some funky colors!

  3. OH how I love these! Featuring them in our garland inspiration post and encouraging our readers to check out many of your other darling DIY crafts and ideas. You Rock Elizabeth Anne Designs!

  4. Linda writes...

    I love this…it’s so pretty, soft & festive! I love anything “doilie”. My wedding is this coming December…I purchased tea-stained and white crocheted doilies…I am sugar starching them and adding some gold & white glitter…I am having many trees and one of them is a doily & tuling tree. I think I will add this beautiful garland to my wedding christmas theme! Thanks for posting.

  5. I always knew there was a lovely way to use cup cake liners and coffee filters! This is sooo beautiful!
    Thank you!!

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