Belles and Gents Bar

Welcome to day 2 of the Indie Wed Inspired Creations Contest! The incredible team involved in today’s shoot created an amazing and beautiful idea, a “Belles and Gents Bar”. Picture this: one day, wives crash an old-school gentlemen’s club bringing in big beautiful blooms and brightly colored details to freshen up the usual decor of cigars, highball glasses, aged scotches, and decanters. SQN Events stocked the bar with his and hers drinks (homebrews and sweet tea) from Femme du Coupe personalized by Courtney Callahan Paper and treats like chocolate-covered cigars and bourbon-infused brownies from truffle truffle. Fleur never disappoints with their stunning florals and these peony, ranunculus, and cotton arrangements are absolutely some of my favorites! Love this brilliant idea and beautiful photos by the wonderful Simply Jessie Photography!








Stationery – Courtney Callahan Paper \ Flowers – Fleur \ Photography – Simply Jessie Photography \ Planning and design – SQN Events \ Sweets – truffle truffle \ Drinks – Femme du Coupe

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    149 comments on “Belles and Gents Bar

    1. such a gorgeous display! love the paper details by Courtney Callahan (especially those cigar bands!) & the floral arrangements by Fleur. gorgeous!

    2. One thing viewers should also realize is that these photographs are from a live display they created at a big wedding show. There was so much going on around them that was out of their control and I think attests to each team’s skill and talent (especially with the photography) What you don’t see are the other booths next to, in front of, behind etc and all the people wandering about. Also, teams had a space limit and didn’t necessarily get to choose their location. And yet all the displays feel so calm and serene. Just wanted to give everyone a behind the scenes look at what all the teams had to work with. ;)

    3. Fleur Inc writes...

      Thank you so much for featuring! This was such a fun idea, truly open to all kinds of interpretation and design. It’s a very versatile concept, but we will admit, we love the soft colors and romantic touch! Hats off to a fabulous team!!!

    4. Deirdra B writes...

      What a great twist on the signature cocktail! The flowers and cigars are fabulous!

    5. This is a brilliant concept, created perfectly and photographed beautifully!! I love that it combines the likes, interests and personality of a groom with the softness and elegance of a bride! Well done!! You have my vote!

    6. I love the juxtaposition of the white bar with the old barrel. Just the right amount of rustic/modern, feminism/masculinity! Beautifully executed and the pictures showcase it perfectly. Great job team!

    7. ellen writes...

      such a dapper concept with lovely details. loving the florals and paper details with that adorable color scheme. perfection!

    8. Catherine writes...

      I LOVE this color combination… it’s soft and romantic, but rustic and rich… It’s gorgeous!!

    9. Kate writes...

      These pictures are beautiful! I love the manliness of the barrel & cigars with the softer flowers and pastels! Perfection!

    10. rachel writes...

      What a fabulous concept! Love all the details…especially the fun touches by Courtney Callahan Paper. She has such an eye!

    11. Stephanie writes...

      Now this is something that could actually be incorporated at many different weddings in many different ways! If shabby chic isn’t the style of your wedding, modify the details accordingly. It’s a great concept that most certainly inspired many brides at Indie Wed, and isn’t that the point?!?

    12. I was lucky enough to see this display in person and it was even more stunning up close. You ladies did an amazing job. Amongst the chaos of the show and all of the other displays, food, etc. going on around you this was a welcome step into calm and beauty. Nicely done!

    13. Really beautiful. A lot of talent on display here. I’m sure you have inspired newly engaged brides with some great ideas.

    14. So beautiful and such a fun concept. I love seeing new and creative ways to socialize and have fun together at weddings. Every details is delightfully thought through. Bravo!

    15. Teddy writes...

      I wish my lovely wife, Martha, and I would have stumbled across this concept before our nuptials on Martha’s Vineyard.

    16. Esther Baruja writes...

      beautiful combination of fresh colors! it makes me miss spring season!

    17. Mollie writes...

      What a gorgeous collaboration of styles! Such a unique look, it’s refreshing to see something different! Fabulous, great job to all involved in this!!

    18. Normally, I’m not a fan of ladies crashing a fellas’ night. (My girlfriend would have me head on a lance if I interrupted her weekly brunch with the girls.) But I will say that if it’s going to happen, this is the way to do it. I’m all for compromise and since I can still have my scotch and I can drink it in a nice-looking set up, everyone wins. Next stop – Brunch with the Girls.

    19. Sachi writes...

      I would love to have a drink at that adorable bar while staring longingly at those coral ranunculus. Beautiful display (as always when created by Fleur!) <3

    20. We love the concept of this bar. Very romantic and sweet, rustic and charming and yet appeals not only to female but male sensibilities as well. The colors here are perfection!

    21. Jane writes...

      Love it! My favorite colors mixed with cocktails and yummy brownies and mini chocolate wedding cakes!

    22. Megan writes...

      I want to get married again :( love everything about this!! Especially the paper designs!

      • Pat – Perhaps doing something like this at your wedding in December will make it “the best one I’ve ever done!” (Per your request. LOL. Should also satisfy your dad’s sweet tooth!)

    23. Ahhhh, I love this! Fleur’s designs always make my heart go pitter-patter. Also, as a bride-to-be who’s a florist marrying a home brewer, I am totally stealing the idea of florals with beer bottles. YOINK!

    24. kati writes...

      i love it! it’s absolutely beautiful….and i’d love to get my hands on some of those bourbon brownies :)

    25. Courtenay writes...

      I absolutely love this concept. The barrel and homebrews are so creative and the use of scotch decanters for vases really blends it all together! Great job to all the vendors.

    26. Cameron writes...

      How unique and beautiful! Clean, crisp, and fresh, but still warm and romantic.

    27. Love! We had the privilege of having our booth right next to this wonderful SQN collection! I always love everything all of you wonderfully talented individuals do!

    28. Love everything about this! The custom beers/drinks, feminine florals, and DELICIOUS truffles!! The aged barrel + goblets/decanters as vases is brilliant and the perfect combination :) Love!

    29. With all of the amazing talent behind this fabulous ”Belles and Gents Bar” theme, I am not surprised that it turned out so fabulous!!! I LOVE the pictures shown above. The pictures speak a 1000 words. Nice work everyone. You should feel so proud!!!

    30. Natalia writes...

      Absolutely beautiful! I love the classic look; definitely took the less-is-more approach to another level. Great job!

    31. Jill writes...

      I love this! The flowers are so lush and I think they did the feminine/masculine combination really well.

    32. This truly looks SOOO amazing. I am blown away by how gorgeous it looks! I love the theme and Beth did such a fabulous job styling for a vintage feel that is also exceptionally classy and so different from many of the “rustic” shoots we see. I always adore Fleur’s work and love how Courtney’s paper products bring it together. The booth looked phenomenal in person, but Jessie did a fabulous job using the light to her advantage and working around all the other elements to capture these beautiful photos!! The sweets from Truffle Truffle and the drink creations from Femme du Coupe were brilliant. I love the balance between bride and groom interests. It is by far my favorite!!

      • Thank you SO much, Jenn! It really was a team effort are we are so thrilled with how it turned out. Even beyond our (very high!) expectations. :)

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