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It’s already so hard to resist photo booths, but add in antique details, vintage LPs, and fabulous accessories like these from Love, Lulu Mae? Sign me up! This team behind this Inspired Creations Contest put together the Ultimate Photo Booth. Guests use props like vintage hats, mustaches on a stick, sequined and feathered headbands to create photos, buttons, and even videos to post on friends’ facebook walls! Certainly, this is not your ordinary photo booth. It’s super interactive and has so many different options to play with. Doesn’t it look like so much fun?






My favorite photo from the booth? Mad props to this guy who donned blue sequins and peacock feathers.


The following Chicago wedding vendors contributed to this inspirational wedding shoot:

Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios Photography \ Jeremy Bircher of 3 Line 9 Productions \ Agnes Miles of Love, Lulu Mae \ Denise Gibson of Busy Beaver Button Co.

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4 comments on “Ultimate Photo Booth

  1. One thing viewers should also realize is that these photographs are from a live display they created at a big wedding show. There was so much going on around them that was out of their control and I think attests to each team’s skill and talent (especially with the photography) What you don’t see are the other booths next to, in front of, behind etc and all the people wandering about. Also, teams had a space limit and didn’t necessarily get to choose their location. And yet all the displays feel so calm and serene. Just wanted to give everyone a behind the scenes look at what all the teams had to work with. ;)

  2. This booth was so cool at the show. So many great ideas- the buttons, videos, etc. can all be made at the wedding- i.e. you could wear your silly love button at the reception. Very creative!

  3. monica budwine writes...

    This booth was definitely the most creative! Such a great, collaborative effort.

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