Whimsical Salvage Chic Ceremony


So excited today to show off the last two Inspired Creations Contest submissions from this year’s Indie Wed!  First up, a beautiful “salvage chic” ceremony with whimsical ribbon details and gorgeous florals from Kio Kreations and Hazelton Photography!  The ladies used repurposed architectural posts, ribbons and lush floral to create an unforgettable arch focal point. To accompany this lush salvaged arch the bride’s bouquet was made of fresh flowers, berries, and ribbon flowers and guest chairs were tied with ribbon streamers.


It’s easy to make the lovely ribbon chair decor.  Most chair backs require 5-6 ribbons. Use 1.25″ thick satin and organza ribbons cut to 40″ long pieces. Fold the ribbon in half, make a loop in the fold and pull the tails of the ribbon through the loop. After getting it into the right position, tie the ribbon ends into a soft knot.






Instructions for the adorable fabric and lace flowers (tucked into the fresh flower bouquet) can be found on one of Kristen’s previous EAD features – Past to Present: Vintage DIY Details.


If this is your favorite Inspired Creations Contest idea, sound off in the comments!

Styling and floral – Kio Kreations \ Photography – Hazelton Photography

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57 comments on “Whimsical Salvage Chic Ceremony

  1. We loved putting this together and I think its the only ceremony setting ever featured in the Inspired Creations Contest (which we’ve competed in the past 3 times!)

    It was so fun to reuse columns to make something so beautiful (and useful) for a wedding! :)

  2. Patricia writes...

    Very creative reuse of salvaged materials. Love the ribbon streamers. The color palette is wonderful. The flowers in the bouquet and flower arch really pop. My favorite!

  3. Bethanne writes...

    So romantic and airy… this would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony in the spring. The flowers are gorgeous and the use of ribbon so creative. I love the vintage look of the arch, too!

  4. Sheree writes...

    Love the color scheme! I’m also a big fan of up-cycled items…nice use of architectural posts! How cute is the small scaled version of the arch with the bride and groom!?!?!? Great attention to details! Last but not least….LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower selection! Bouquet is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Laurie Russell writes...

    I thought the ribbon on the chairs was just lovely. A modern alternative to the traditional chair covers with big bows. And I agree with the others – the bouquet is fabulous!

  6. Tara writes...

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I love whimsy and soft flowing lines of the ribbon. The floral pice on the arch is beautiful. I’ve been lucky enough to work with both Kio Kreations and Hazelton Photography and I love everything they do!!

  7. ursula writes...

    The colors are so elegant, and I love the rustic-looking arch. Another masterpiece by Kio!

  8. Kristen writes...

    Absolutely stunning! The arch would make such a gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony – and what an easy and creative way to decorate the chairs! I also love the colors and use of berries throughout!

  9. Megan writes...

    i agree with everyone…i’m LOVING this! the palet is so romantic, too. very, very creative with great attention to detail! i admire all your work!

  10. I LOVED this display from the beginning, when all it was was a few drawings put together by Kristen! It was so much fun to see it come to life and to photograph it. Its so beautiful!!!

  11. Cassi writes...

    Lovely!! The ribbons and colors are so pretty and soft together! This is beautiful!

  12. Whimsical is one of my new favorite words when it comes to weddings this year. I love the fabric flowers in the bouquet. A touch of whimsy in a beautiful, fresh bouquet adds just the right amount of interest. Love the photography by Hazelton Photography, too. Yay for everything about this!

  13. as i have mentioned in the other entries, i just want everyone to know that each contestant had no control over their location and what you don’t see in the photos are all the other booths and vendors next to the displays. each team did a great job of working with the space they were given and still making it feel part of the display. they all did a great job. ;)

  14. KioKreations did an amazing job! As always I love your attention to detail and texture. The lace and ribbon were beautiful.

  15. Amy writes...

    I’m surprised by how simple ribbons can make this scene so airy and lovely. Plus, that floral arch is stunning! Great idea to use the re-purposed posts! The colors of the flowers and ribbons look so great with the distressed/weather beaten chairs and posts. Love it.

  16. tara writes...

    Such a beautiful set-up! I love the soft colors and the idea of re-purposing old things! Great job!!

  17. Tyler writes...

    This is “AHHH – Mazing.” It feels like a sigh, so soft and airy. I love the colors and ribbons, which are a great trend!

  18. Anne writes...

    I loved this display, so light and airy, very spring chic! I also liked the use of kale in the design

  19. Christie writes...

    Lovely! They make such a good team. I had them do my wedding and it was amazing.

  20. This is such an amazing concept. Love the ribbons and backdrop! Kristen and her team are so immensly talented!!

  21. This is the best imo. Great color, lighting, design and use of space. This photographer also knows how to shoot details. Good depth of field really helps showcase the work. Shooting completly wide open on details makes everything too soft without any point of sharpness. This photographer didn’t make that mistake and had excellent execution. Bravo to this team, well done.

  22. This is sooooooo beautiful! I love how colorful these photos are! The ribbons on the chairs and table are gorgeous and add so much detail, I will have to keep this in mind for my wedding. Are those hair pins for sale?

  23. I love the ribbon on the chairs!! This would look so beautiful outside where I want to have my wedding! Great ideas!

  24. The whole aura is whimsical indeed! I love it! Thanks for posting this. I’m wondering if this concept would look good on a night-time ceremony and reception though. My sister’s getting married on January 2014 and we have tight budget constraints. ;) what do you think?

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