Friday Flowers: Inspired by Green


Happy St. Patrick’s eve everyone! Today we’re celebrating with an ode to green! Beautifully neutral and natural, there are several flowers that come in various shades and textures of green: hydrangea, orchids, mums, tulips, roses, and bells of Ireland to name a few. Here are some of my favorites!

Classic green hydrangea:


{white and green hydrangea bouquet photo by Dawn E. Roscoe Photography via Style Me Pretty; green hydrangea boutonniere photo by L Photographie via the knot}

Vibrant cymbidium and organic lady slipper orchids:


{cymbidium orchid bouquet by Old Town Florist via Perfectly Pearl}


{frilly green lady slipper bouquet via Martha Stewart; lady slipper orchid bouquet via Martha Stewart}

Beautifully textured bells of Ireland:


{bells of Ireland bouquet photo by SugarLove Weddings via The Bride’s Cafe; bells of Ireland arrangement via Better Homes and Gardens}

Check out these other gorgeous green bouquets and arrangements!


{green and dragonfly bouquet via Martha Stewart; lucky bouquet via Martha Stewart}


{textured gladioli bouquet photo by Formula Z/S via Martha Stewart; mixed green centerpiece photo by Tara Donne via Real Simple}


{preppy green hydrangea centerpiece by Garden on the Square, photo by Ashley Hoskins Photography, via Style Me Pretty; rose and hypericum bouquet photo by Tara Donne via Real Simple}


{unique green wedding bouquet by The Empire House, photo by Emily Crall Photography, via Emmaline Bride; green dendrobium and cymbidium bouquet via Martha Stewart}

There’s a wide variety of green flowers out there, they could be used for just about any type of wedding or even a St. Patty’s Day celebration! Have a great weekend everyone!

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9 comments on “Friday Flowers: Inspired by Green

  1. So lovely and so Irish!
    Such green wedding bouquets would go ideally with the celtic rings. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

  2. Wow, well I have never seen more elegant flowers, and green I imagine is a more unique choice than most! I think I’ve decided which colour bouquet to have on my wedding day – amazing!

  3. It’s funny how people don’t usually think to have a green theme in their bouquet, after all, it really connotes the natural! Some beautiful imagery here.

  4. Beautiful, I suppose I would have worried that a predominantly green bouquet would look a bit like I’d just grabbed it off of a market stall, but these examples prove otherwise!

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