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Happy Monday everyone! We hope you are having a great start to your week, and to make a sunny Monday just a smidge brighter, we have a beautiful free printable save the date from The Lovely Dept. to share!  The beautiful watercolor wreath is a lovely touch for any spring or summer wedding, and I just adore the light and airy green and yellow color palette.

If you are having trouble downloading and filling in the form, the below steps may help:

  1. Open the printable in Firefox (be patient as it takes a while to load)
  2. Download the file to your computer
  3. Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  4. If problems still persist, install the Chopin Script and Quicksand fonts, widely available around the web.


Simply download the fillable form and print on heavy uncoated flat white cardstock. The gorgeous fonts used are Chopin Script and Quicksand, found free to download around the web so you can easily carry the save the date theme throughout your event.


Download your very own free printable save the date here! Please be patient while loading the PDF as the file is large.

Printables are for personal use only, created with love by The Lovely Dept. for Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Feel free to use an image and link to this post, but please do not download and re-post the PDF form on your own website.  Thank you!

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52 comments on “Printable Watercolor Save the Date

  1. Hooray! I am so happy to see this go live. Thank you so much, Ami! This was so much fun to create.

  2. Therese J writes...

    What beautiful Save the Date! So simple yet elegant and easy to use – Thank you!

  3. Any way I can pay you to help me with these? Our names do not fit properly and would like to add our website to the card… such a cute design!

  4. Brenda writes...

    Hi Ami, thank you for providing these. You’re so talented and generous but i’m having the same problem as Jessica. Please help.

    Thank you!!

  5. Patricia writes...

    Hi there! This is beautiful! Thanks a lot!! But ‘m having the same problem, it won’t let me write ‘sve the date’ and there is no space left… what can I do?! I really LOVE it and it goes perfectly with our wedding theme! :) Thanks again!

  6. Simone writes...

    I absolutely love this design! How can I change the font color from black to navy?


  7. Jacqui writes...

    I love this and I think I want to use it for my casual wedding invite instead of a save-the-date. Can I get a fillable blank design by any chance?

  8. JULIE writes...

    These Save the dates are beautiful! However, Im having some trouble with the printing process….every time it prints the “AND” & “Save the Date” wording is missing….help, please? :)

  9. Morgan writes...

    Hello! I love this as well and would love to use it. Everything prints fine, but the font for the names is helvetica and I don’t know how to change it back to the beautiful font you chose! Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  10. Mariana writes...

    Hi! It still avaiable? Because when I open it in the other window, just show the tipograpy :/

    • Ami writes...

      Hi Mariana! Yes, the link is still active. You may want to check another browser? I tested and confirmed in both Chrome and Firefox. Also it is a quite large file so please give it a bit of time to download and display. Thank you!

  11. Sarah Nguyen writes...

    Would you mind sending me a file where I can add the wedding website as well?

  12. Blaire writes...

    Hi, i also love your template but like many others the names are too large and a different font. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Alicia writes...

    Hi.. I love this template so much. However I have difficulty download the PDF file even after a long time waiting for it to load. Could you send the file to me instead? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

      • Alicia writes...

        Hi Erin,

        Thank you for the reply. But sad to say that I didn’t receive the email successfully. Couldn’t find the email in my inbox nor junk mail. :(

  14. Iris writes...


    I came across this lovely design and was hoping to use for my casual wedding, but getting the error that the fonts on the website are changing automatically to default (and not the ones that are in the sample). How could I fix it?

  15. Danica Felizco writes...

    Hi can you make me this one? Thanks!
    It would be a great help.

  16. Cara writes...


    This design is gorgeous and I would love to use it for my save-the-date, but it isn’t downloading at all. Is there any chance you could send me a pdf?


  17. Arlene Leon writes...

    I seem to have the same issue as some of these women above. The spacing and font is all wrong when I do it on my laptop. If anyone could share their solutions with me, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!!! These are lovely and I would really like to be able to use the template myself.

    • Ami writes...

      Hi ladies! Did you download the Chopin Script and Quicksand fonts? That might help it along? Both are free and readily available around the web. Thanks!

  18. Danielle writes...

    Hello Hello,

    I LOVE this Save the Date Template. Please help with providing instructions to enter our wedding website into the template.

    • Ami writes...

      Hi Danielle! So glad you love the template. :) Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to edit the template aside from the fields available. So sorry about that!

  19. Carlee writes...

    Hi Ami!

    I am able to print/edit this, but unfortunately certain parts are not printing all the way- for example, “ARE GETTING” is whited out and does not print. Have you seen this issue before? If I gave you my info is there a way you could edit/send me the original? Maybe that will help…

    The rest prints beautifully! Thanks in advance! MUCH Appreciated, LOVE this print!


  20. gagang writes...

    Hi…I have same problem from above statements.. Our names do not fit properly..Can I have the pdf copy too..thanks!

  21. Liz writes...

    These are so beautiful! Such a great idea to make the save the date from a fillable PDF. :)

  22. Inke writes...

    Dear Ami,
    I absolutely love this design and would love to use it for our save the date cards.
    I am from Germany though and would like to not only add our names and date but also translate the other parts of the card.
    Would it be possible to get a version of the template in which the other words “AND”, “Are getting married” are in changeable fields aswell?
    Thank you!

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