Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to one of the most talented and sweet ladies I know, Jenn Gaudreau of Jennifer Kathryn Photography! Jenn’s work is authentic and emotional, and she has this incredible way of capturing affection. I’m excited to be one of the first to show off Jenn’s new branding (inspired by one of our favorites, Kate Spade!). Her fabulous new website is clean and chic, but perfectly captures Jenn’s sweet and playful personality and romantic style. Jenn loves getting to know her clients and her images are a true reflection of their love.

Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Jenn is someone I have trusted with my own shoots, and I would recommend her to anyone on the hunt for their perfect wedding photographer! She is Chicago-based, but beginning in 2014, she is accepting wedding commissions in New York with no additional travel fees. Jenn loves capturing your individuality, love, beauty, strength, affection, playfulness, passion, and quirkiness, so what are you waiting for? Visit Jennifer Kathryn Photography and prepare to fall in love!

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