Monochromatic Bridesmaid Style

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So I touched briefly in my previous post about how much I love monochromatics. Well, I do. Like a lot. And since I already had you all hooked while I blogged about flowers, I figure I’m gonna continue the trend for another week or two whilst divulging about some of my personal favorite things to see at weddings as a …


Colorful Bridal Bouquets

When picking the flowers that you’ll hold for “the walk” (and of course, the rest of the day, too!), it seems like there are really only two options: to color, or not to color!

While I’m known to be ever-pro the monochromatic palette [like, I'm really, really into monochromatics...], this is an area that my mind flip flops around. I absolutely …


Modern Table Inspiration: Aqua, White & Kelly

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Well hello readers! It’s been a heart-stopping summer and now that things have calmed down for a season over at In The Now Weddings, I’m anxious to get back into the swing of things here at EAD! I must admit, I’ve missed you all. Your kind words, encouragement, inspired designs and enthusiasm for the industry… so YAY for being home!!

I …


Tabletop Inspiration: Poppies!

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It has been literally for. ev. er. Since I posted one of my tabletops. Shame on Manda. Bad, bad Manda. Sorry about that guys! It’s not for lack of photos or lack of trying… it’s just the time! But, you can only love me now because here come two [well, one kinda two] tables right atcha!

I became obsessed with the …


Really NOW: Cynthia and Ron!

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There’s probably a gazillion reasons that I love Cynthia and Ron. No, really. No, seriously. They’re wonderful. Their love is infectious. It’s easy to capture, really easy to be around, and SUPER easy to witness. Their wedding day was like waking up love and telling him to pay attention. Magical. And there was nobody better to capture that story than …