Monochromatic Bridesmaid Style

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So I touched briefly in my previous post about how much I love monochromatics. Well, I do. Like a lot. And since I already had you all hooked while I blogged about flowers, I figure I’m gonna continue the trend for another week or two whilst divulging about some of my personal favorite things to see at weddings as a …


Colorful Bridal Bouquets

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When picking the flowers that you’ll hold for “the walk” (and of course, the rest of the day, too!), it seems like there are really only two options: to color, or not to color!

While I’m known to be ever-pro the monochromatic palette [like, I’m really, really into monochromatics…], this is an area that my mind flip flops around. I absolutely …


Modern Table Inspiration: Aqua, White & Kelly

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Well hello readers! It’s been a heart-stopping summer and now that things have calmed down for a season over at In The Now Weddings, I’m anxious to get back into the swing of things here at EAD! I must admit, I’ve missed you all. Your kind words, encouragement, inspired designs and enthusiasm for the industry… so YAY for being home!!

I …


Tabletop Inspiration: Poppies!

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It has been literally for. ev. er. Since I posted one of my tabletops. Shame on Manda. Bad, bad Manda. Sorry about that guys! It’s not for lack of photos or lack of trying… it’s just the time! But, you can only love me now because here come two [well, one kinda two] tables right atcha!

I became obsessed with the …


Really NOW: Cynthia and Ron!

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There’s probably a gazillion reasons that I love Cynthia and Ron. No, really. No, seriously. They’re wonderful. Their love is infectious. It’s easy to capture, really easy to be around, and SUPER easy to witness. Their wedding day was like waking up love and telling him to pay attention. Magical. And there was nobody better to capture that story than …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 3

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I’m splicing this post with pictures from one of my biggest inspiration sources: Amy Atlas. A designer known mainly for how fabulous she is at creating decadent dessert tables. As you can see from the pictures: beyond words gorgeous. If you haven’t visited her site, DO IT! You won’t regret it! GO NOW!

Step 3: Going for it!

What’s the best way …


Really NOW: Yvonne and Mike!

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Taking a break this week from my sessions on being a wedding planner to bring you some of the most gorgeous eye candy this side of the Grand Canyon!

A few weeks ago in April I had the pleasure of working with Sarah K. Chen at one of my area’s most sought-after venues, Ranchos Las Lomas!

The key to exceptional portraits: smile …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 2

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Some monograms I’ve produced for past clients will be the eye candy featured here today. Wish I had more handy! Monograms are my WEAKNESS! The best way to tie everything together! :)

In my journey through this career that I’m immersed in, I’ve learned quite a bit about what NOT to do. Almost as much as what TO do. Funny enough, …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 1

Splicing my post with some sweet sources of inspiration for your big day!

I was asked by one of my clients the other day how I’ll know when I’ve “made it” as an event designer. I replied immediately “when I see myself being published all OVER the place- print, web, everywhere!”. And I still think that’s true! To be “someone” in …


Really NOW: Jamie and Jeff!

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J&J were one of the FUNNEST couples that my team and I have worked with! They’ve got spunk, they’ve got sass, and more than that… they’re pretty down right gorgeous. I love a couple that doesn’t take anything too seriously! They were actually already technically married before they had “the wedding”, which made the event that much more memorable for …


Wedvice: An At-Home Affair!

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So in the past two week I’ve met with a few clients who are having an event at a private home/estate. With this comes great flexibility [set up time, vendor selection, decor choices] but also great risk and responsibility [especially if it isn’t YOUR home, and if it’s located in a neighborhood of any kind]. The main foreseeable problems, right …

Really NOW: Alex and Brad!

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I don’t have enough good things to say about the fabulous duo of Jan and Tey at Jan Garcia Photography. They’re in love. They’re sweet. And they’re exceptional at their art. What could be a more perfect package? Well, Alex and Brad might be!

Alex made such a stunning bride. And working with her every step of the way was total …