Winter Brunch Tabletop

Winter Brunch Table

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A mid-winter brunch soiree can be just the ticket to an elegant yet intimate affair.  We designed this graceful table with the soft, white light of a winter snowfall in mind.  Simple wood elements and subtle nods to nature brings the outdoors in, highlighted by the romantic old-fashioned floral arrangements in muted tones of yellow and gray. A few easy …

Sqn events 3

Wedding Planning Tips from SQN Events

It happens to the best of us. You’re busy tasting cakes, shopping for venues, matching linens and checking RSVPs, when you glance at your calendar and realize just how rapidly your wedding day is approaching. Your to-do list seems to be a mile long and seating arrangement configurations are starting to take over your already overloaded brain. We totally understand; …

Tessa Kim Giveaway

Tessa Kim Giveaway

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UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Amanda!

For many people, the frosting on a cake is one of the best parts: adding just that extra bit of sweetness needed to make the whole dessert extra special.  The same is true for bridal accessories: the perfect one puts the finishing touch to make the bride look dazzling without distracting from her beauty.  Tessa …


So this is the end!

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Well, EAD, we’ve come to this…my last wedding recap!

What a wonderful, beautiful, joyful, and emotional journey this has been, blogging and sharing with you lovely readers.

The final images I wanted to leave you with were from our exciting exit from the reception!  Originally we had wanted sparklers, but due to Colorado fire dangers, they aren’t allowed….


Is it chilly in here?

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Let’s face it: a lot of wedding gowns aren’t usually exactly, well, warm.  Especially if you’re having a spring or winter wedding, your options for wraps may seem limited to some sort of white satin wrap-type thing.  But why not get a bit creative with your snuggie?

Photo by Belathee via OnceWed

LOVE this greenish-yellow cardigan…

Photo by Parker J via OnceWed


Shout out: to my parents!

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Every bride knows how important her parents are on the day of her wedding.  Even if they can’t be there physically, they are there in heart and spirit.

My parents were absolutely amazing.  There were so many things going on, but what shone through was their love and devotion….and what more could a bride want?  There are so many things I …


Wedding day details: Behind the scenes!

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Well, I’ve shown EAD a lot of my wedding: the bridal party, the ceremony, and the flowers, to name a few recent posts.  What I haven’t shown you yet is any of the work that went into the week of the wedding!

One of the realities of a DIY wedding is that it’s a significant time investment, and could easily drive …


Wedding day details: setting up the reception

We were so happy with the way our reception turned out…unfortunately, due to the rain and ceremony switch, it ended up taking an hour to set up!  This meant less time for toasts, less time for dancing…it was all very complicated, and it was definitely the last thing we expected.  We decided to go with white tables and brown runners, …


Summery Yellow and Blue

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Something big happened during my wedding week…something bigger than a rehearsal dinner, bigger than a bachelorette spa day, bigger than getting my favorite peonies for the bouquets…

my best friend and bridesmaid Lisa got engaged!

Now, not only did she get engaged…she also managed to hide it from me for roughly 20 hours until I realized something was up and dragged it …


Wedding day details: The bridal party!

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We totally lucked out with our bridal party.  Dr. dave’s and my friends got along so well, and we ended up having a blast taking pictures before the ceremony.  We staked out some locations the day before the wedding, and stumbled upon a relic from my past: the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.  This is where I used …


Wedding Day Details: The Ceremony!

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Once we got up to the altar, my sister and dave’s younger brother shared a reading from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin:

Love is a temporary madness,it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever …


Wedding day details: Pre-ceremony!

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Before the ceremony, we had some time to hang out at our venue and just relax a bit.  We were certainly unorthodox, as I was wandering around checking on last-minute details, and dr. dave and I saw all of my guests before the ceremony even started!  It was great being able to mill around and greet guests and friends before …