Dress Up: A Bridal Shower

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Today we are celebrating our love for pretty frocks and shiny baubles, and playing dress up!  Tis the season for bridal showers!  Whether you’re the lucky girl being showered or attending as a guest, there’s no better excuse to get all dolled up and feeling ladylike than a bridal shower.  A pretty dress, gorgeous cut-out flats and just a touch …


Coral & Mint

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Hello, friends! Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion here popping by with a pretty little color palette to inspire your morning! Coral and mint are all the rage right now and I admit to harboring a full-fledged obsession. That said, I’m loving this palette as a super sophisticated and modern take on these red hot colors of the moment. Looking to …


Indigo Blues

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Hey, everyone! Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion here, chiming in with a little indigo love in celebration of Color Week. I’m a bit of a color-loving junkie myself and I basically obsessed with today’s color palette. Pairing deep indigo blues with shades of aqua and touches of warm gray, it’s dramatic, rich and moody. These colors are bold and elegant, …


Refreshingly Sweet Lemonade and Mint

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Hello everyone! Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion here with a pretty lemon-inspired color palette for Color Week! I’ve always loved yellow. It’s such a refreshing color and it can take on so many distinct personalities depending on how you weave it throughout your day. Here it’s ladylike and elegant, with a certain timeless appeal. Paired with green and just the …


Chevron Love

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Howdy, friends! Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion here today bringing you a dose of one of my favorite design trends of the moment – chevron! Chevron is such a versatile pattern. It can be preppy or it can be really modern and fun depending on the color and how you incorporate it throughout your day. Here are some of my …


An Earthy Aqua Color Palette

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Hi, everyone! Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion here. As a color junkie I’m loving Color Week and am really excited to be contributing this pretty color palette. Inspired by an earthy yet feminine feel, I chose a palette of aqua, peach and berry accented with soft neutrals. I love the pairing of simple materials with warm wood grain. A tiny …


The Sweetest Occasion – A Teaser

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As we oh so quickly approach two full months since the wedding, I wanted to share the few photos we’ve gotten to date with many promises for so much more to come in upcoming weeks. (I also have a ton of DIY projects to share and I swear I’m working on getting those together. Newlywed life has turned out to …

Our Bella Figura Letterpress Wedding Invitations

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At long last, I am finally going to share with you our beautiful letterpress wedding invitations from the one and only Bella Figura. When you’re surrounded by incredible letterpress invitations every day (because I work at Bella Figura, for those who do not know) deciding on your own becomes incredibly difficult. After a couple of months worth of debate, literally, …

Oh My Happy Heart

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There was a time in the wedding planning process that videography was no where on my radar. I didn’t want to spend the money and I didn’t want to be left with a cheesy wedding video of a style circa 1992. You know what I’m talking about. But then, the more I became immersed in my happy wedding blog haven, …



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Try though I did, the tail end of last week ran away from me and I never did manage to post again before the wedding and now it’s official – we’re married!!! The weekend was incredible. Things popped up out of nowhere, plans changed, rain clouds came and went, and much merriment was had. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t …


Topping It Off

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Remember when I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t have a cake…and then ordered a cake? Well, I wasn’t planning on having a cake topper, either. I know, the gall of going sans topper to my cake! (Our baker basically thinks I’m crazy for this one, let me tell ya!) As it turns out, there will be a cake topper after …


Personalized Cocktail Napkins

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I’m not entirely sure when I decided I “needed” to Gocco some personalized cocktail napkins, but it was quite some time ago…months ago, in fact. And just when I had decided the cocktail napkins could be pushed to the back burner, Heather (who is my wedding day twin!) posted photos of her awesome cocktail napkins and I immediately knew personalized …