Yes I said Yes I will Yes

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(Snapshot from my camera, probably taken by a bridesmaid.)

We’re married! (To each other, as DJ likes to clarify.) It was absolutely wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it!


DIY Flowers: I did it!

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At 9:30 in the morning the FedEx guy wished me a happy marriage. He left three boxes; two deceptively narrow, one the size of a small coffin.

Thirteen hours later…

(There are a few more pieces, including one big mama of a bouquet for me.) I’ll tell you all about it in a week or so. I’m off to get married! I …


Your Colors are PINK and PINK

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There was another bride at the salon for my hair trial – she was with her mom and bridesmaids. They were sipping mimosas and enjoying bagels with the stylists, taking turns having their hair done. The bride had a pretty veil and really cute short hair, super shiny and full of volume. There she is in the corner behind me …


Bustle Me!

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When I told my brother that my dress needed a bustle, he thought we were talking about this:

Boys! Love them to pieces.

I scheduled my dress fittings as close to the wedding as possible. I like to live dangerously – but really, three weeks seemed like plenty of time.

I asked the seamstress to replicate this bustle. It looks to me like …

Where the Wild Things Are {Seated}

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Once we had all the RSVP’s in, DJ’s mom helped me finish this project. She has pretty, scripty handwriting, much better than my ugly scrawl.

The bronze rectangles are mini envelopes, each with a couple or guest’s name written on the back. Inside each is a picture of a book cover corresponding to their table assignment. Like Memory! for adults with …


Books and Their Covers

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DJ has been watching me do crazy things for months now. Like covering books in kraft paper. In a bit of kismet, I found this bit of validation just as I finished faux-titling my set.

(Neither Snow)

Except my writing with a paint pen was a little more haphazard than these.

Julia Gets Help

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I am the girl with all of the projects. I haven’t even told you about some of them yet because I was afraid. We have friends and family to help, but I wasn’t sure how smoothly that would run without some serious planning from me. I’ve actually ranked them so that some could be jettisoned from the plan, if necessary.

A …

DIY Thank You Cards

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About a month ago I made thank you cards. Lots and lots of them. With lined envelopes, of course. I love sending paper cards. Writing them feels a little decadent, and opening the mailbox to a pretty envelope makes my day. Some of my friends send wonderful mail, so I have a set standard already.

I again used the pewter design …

Form Over Function

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We had to change a small piece of the plan this week. A while ago DJ asked our caterer if she could put together an iced tea and lemonade table to have out before the ceremony. We were thinking that in September (even late September) you never know what you’ll get for weather, so a cold beverage might be nice. …

Ladies’ Luncheon Part II

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[intlink id=”15215″ type=”post”]Part I[/intlink]

I put together a little thank you for each of my bridal shower hostesses. They wouldn’t let me help with anything at all, so I went shopping.

Each bag had Philosophy Red Velvet Cake shower gel, pink pomegranate soap, and two fancy chocolate bars. I wrote a note on paper left over from printing wedding invitations: Thank you …

Ladies’ Luncheon Part I

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DJ’s mom hosted a bridal shower for me on a rainy Saturday, with help from my maid of honor and one bridesmaid.

Friends came! Quite a lot of them. 23, I think – but that number may have included me. The thing nobody warned me about (although I kind of knew) was that the generosity would be totally overwhelming.

DJ’s mom, K, …

Respond… please?

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A week of mail later, four response cards have made their way home. Some with messages, which is so fun! Thanks for playing along, friends!

DJ’s parents were first, with a simple “We love you!” written on the back. (We love you too!) In the same batch of mail were friends of theirs, also a yes. Friday there were two more, …