Looking Back and Moving On

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As I was preparing for this final post, I reviewed the first inspiration board I made and realized that I stayed rather true to it.  I made a few alterations, due to budget or availability, but in essence I executed my plans and made my decisions  based on my original inspiration.  Inspiration boards are useful like outlines–they can act as …


It’s a Boy!

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“It’s time,” I declared to my husband just days after our wedding. “We have waited long enough.  We’ve been trying for years but for one reason or another it just never happened.  Can we please start our family now?” I begged.

And so it happened that just a mere three weeks after our wedding, we adopted a baby boy.

Meet Tito – …


Paradise Lost, and Found

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My husband and I met as a result of serving in the Peace Corps in Africa, so it should come as no surprise that our honeymoon would be somewhere off the beaten path.  As much as we love relaxing on a beach with pina coladas, we also enjoy the essence of traveling and getting down and dirty with the local culture—so …


Mini-Moon in Mexico

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My husband and I knew early on we wanted to go on an exotic honeymoon far, far, FAR away.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it right after the wedding.  In addition to exhausting our finances and planning on the wedding, June was a very busy month for both of us at work. So we decided that we would save …


Morning After Surprise

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We arrived at the Whitehall Hotel at 5 in the morning, overhearing the doorman on his walkie talkie, “They are fiiiiinally here!”  We quickly checked in and ran upstairs, only to find that our room had been upgraded to the suite by our wedding block coordinator.

Our amazing terrace.

Our guests stayed at the Whitehall at a reasonable rate, and personally, I …


Dancing ’til Dawn

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To help ensure the dance floor was packed, we provided flip-flops with a sign informing guests to take one. This was a huge hit-nearly every woman was wearing them by midnight!

{all photos by Missy Photography unless otherwise noted}

As soon as our first dances were over, the crowd moved in and started dancing.  Our DJ read our guests like a …


We Had Our Cake and Ate It Too

Upon entering the atrium after dinner, my husband and I (tried to) cut our cake.  Since we were already serving a vast selection of decadent pastries, our cake was simple and sweet (and delicious, of course).  It was decorated with silver frosting and adorned with a small brass African (Dogon) couple statue that we bought near Timbuktu, Mali.  Not only did …


The Sweetest Table

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After dinner, guests were invited back up to the 3rd floor atrium for dancing, drinks and dessert.  Unbeknownst to them, the room was transformed during dinner as the sweet table and lighting were set up by our amazing vendors, Oak Mill Bakery and MDM Entertainment.  As I mentioned before, we did not have any flowers or centerpieces for the atrium; …


Our Intimate Feast

One of the few trends I was adamant on having at our wedding were long tables, also known as “feasting” or “kings” tables.  It was one of the first trends I came across online soon after I got engaged; one I fell hopelessly in love with, and one I could NOT live without.  Pardon the oxymoron, but I dreamed of …


Chicago Cocktail Hour with African Drummers

Cutting our rainy photo shoot short was a wise decision, because we made it to cocktail hour at our reception venue, the Ravenswood Billboard Factory, right before Skinny Williams, the Chicago saxophonist we hired to greet people at the door, was finishing up his last set.  In addition to Skinny, our ushers and waiters greeted guests at the door with …


Can’t Rain on this Bride’s Parade

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As I mentioned before, there were scattered showers on the day of our wedding.  Miraculously, there were NONE after our ceremony as we were exiting the church.  The Polish folk band was playing, the guests were dancing, and the joy and happiness was evident on everyone’s faces as the sun (and angels) shone upon us.

{all images in this post are …

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Our Big Fat Polish Wedding Ceremony

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My bridesmaids and I arrived at the church at 2:30pm, thirty minutes before our ceremony was to start, greeted by hundreds of people lingering around from the previous 1pm wedding (to my great dismay).  My DOC, Katie from Dettagli Weddings (fantastic, by the way), quickly ushered me inside to the bridal suite where I passed the just-married bride along the way.

All …