The never-ending recap…is ending

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I’m thinking maybe the reason the recap is taking me so long (our reception was in October, after all) is that I don’t want it to be over. I want to feel like I still have real and relevant things to say and things to show. But the truth is, I’ll fade back into the spectator group soon. I’m still …


Our Wedding: The Photobooth

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Ahh yes, the photobooth. I had been looking at photobooths since before we got engaged and it was one of my big must haves early on. I was willing to splurge to rent one, even. Enter mad amounts of stress that made me want to abandon all of it, except for the part where Garrett and I would be married.

My …


Our Wedding:: Reception Part II

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Let the party continue!

Garrett’s little cousin Warren is one of my faves. I asked him recently when he was going to go to big school and he replied “when I get big.” So cute and so sassy.


Wedding Recap: Reception Part I

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When last we spoke, you saw the centerpieces and read about our private dinner.  Next up, the reception.

Our first dance was to “Alabama Waltz” by Hank Williams. Garrett picked it and it was perfect in a lot of ways. It’s Hank Williams (Garrett’s a big fan and my uncle was impressed), it mentions Alabama, it was fairly short, and it’s …


Our Private Dinner

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I know my wedding feels neglected, I apologize. I’ve been so excited about new things & planning for them that the wedding feels like old news. It was the best day ever, but now I get to be married instead of planning for it! This is a far better stage for me. Plus, now I can focus attention to friends …


Holidays already? Gift Ideas!

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belt from j.crew, $55; nikon d90 for newbie photo enthusiasts with wealthy santas, amazon, $794.95; snuggie, $14.95, image source; faux fur muffler (I have always wanted a muffler! I think one of our american girl dolls must’ve had one), from urban outfitters, $28; mustache necklace from etsy seller little angels jewelry, $11.99 (I want one); dj hero from gamestop, $119 (for PS3); julian scarf with …


The Blessing!

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Since Garrett and I [intlink id=”18320″ type=”post”]got married in San Francisco[/intlink] without our families and friends (with the exception of Garrett’s aunt, uncle, and best friend who all reside in CA), we both wanted a way for them to be part of the marriage and we knew we wanted to have the marriage blessed, because God is the important part. …


The Blessing: Just Before

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The moments (how short they were!) before we ran (walked briskly) into the church to be blessed by a priest (Epsicopal, not civil, if you’ve been keeping up):

This was fun. Somehow, in my rushed and mildly freaking out state, I got the task of pinning on Garrett’s boutonniere. I’ve pinned on lots of boutonnieres at weddings where I was photographing, …

The Blessing: Getting Ready!

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So, on the big day (third big day if you’re counting), I had a bridesmaid tea with my ladies and our mothers & grandmothers and then we were off! And running behind. I think I took the whole “getting married beforehand means less stress” thing too seriously, and the tea didn’t get kicked off right on time so we were …


Letterpress Invitations! (squeal!)

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I realized I haven’t posted pictures of our invitations yet! And I wasn’t even paranoid about wedding crashers. Anywho, I really wanted letterpress invitations more than anything else and it was my big splurge. But really, not that bad. I used someone local, Jenny Barry from Press Charming, and I brought in some art nouveau books I’d bought to try …


Out of Town Welcome Bags-BAMA style

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I really like the idea of out of town welcome baskets and the like but they were never really an option in my mind due to the cost & organization they require (knowing who is staying where, knowing who is coming –the rsvps were giving me enough trouble as it was). Garrett’s parents decided to get a block of rooms …


Things Will Go Wrong… Cake Edition

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(photo by my sister, ashley merrill, while frosting cakes in a kitchen that reminded her of the shining)

Things didn’t go according to plan with our wedding. I feel/felt like it was a huge fail on my part, not dealing with stress well and not delegating or getting things done ahead of time. I’m a huge procrastinator and I also was …