Make it Yours and Yours Alone (okay, his too)

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So there you have it, from start to finish… a week full of wedding recaps. My favorite thing about all these photos, three months later, is thinking that our wedding could be no one else’s. That’s my own personal measure of success. For what it’s worth, here are a few tidbits we learned along the way:

Celebrate your weirdness. Really. All …


Reliving our Reception

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I adored our wedding reception. It flew by like mad, but here’s what I know: I have distinct memories of everyone who was there, it felt exactly like we’d hoped it would, and we’ve never had so much fun.

Crossing the street heading over to the reception:

We chose Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” as our song, and my heart …


From Tables to Ceiling, Flowers to Paper

We approached a reception decor plan much the way we approached our ceremony decor plan. The reception would take place across the street from the ceremony in a tented area that leads out onto the Sound. We were dealing with a standard white tent, and wanted to incorporate three big things: color, pattern, and personal touches. We’d keep costs down …


Our Ceremony: Tinkering with Tradition

Personalizing our ceremony was of the utmost importance to us. If our guests hadn’t already clued in to our loose relationship with wedding traditions, they got a sense of what awaited them on the very first page of our program:

There were five key ways that we strived to make our ceremony uniquely ours: music selections, choice of officiant, family participation, …


Ceremony Decor, from Vision to Reality

We were married at an inn on the Outer Banks, on a deck that led from the inn to the dunes, and then the ocean. The space has the same rustic, weathered look the defines the Outer Banks. Since “rustic and weathered” wasn’t quite the look we were going for with our ceremony decor, we needed a decor plan in …


First Glimpse, Beach-Style

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Trevor and I decided to see each other before the wedding for photographs. By doing so, we could maximize our time with guests and not miss a significant portion of our cocktail hour. (I was especially excited about making it to the reception in time to taste a mini shrimp and grits hors d’oeuvre that we dreamed up with the …

The Dress – Finally!

Lace and Seersucker, Blue and Red

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I’m going to tell it like it is: nothing made me feel less in the mood to get married than shopping for The Dress. Some girls get goosebumps just stepping into a bridal salon. Some girls hear chords from above when they try on The One. I was not one of those girls. Dress-shopping was the opposite of a fairy-tale …


Electing Letterpress

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So now that you’ve seen the fantastic “campaign logo” created us for by ABCD, can you guess what happened after that? As much as I love paper, and as much as Amy loves working with fresh, outside-the-wedding-box visions, we  couldn’t stop our collaboration at the logo. We asked ABCD to design our entire wedding stationery suite, and let me tell …

Our Inspiration Board

Inspiration Strikes!

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So how do two stridently independent and opinionated lovebirds get married in the age of Platinum Weddings, anyway? Like so many things that would follow, we found our inspiration in the world of wedding blogs.

After months of floundering for a wedding vision that felt like our own, I stumbled upon a blog post featuring a wedding “monogram” that looked like …


Unconventional from the Start

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Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be among the fantastic group of women on EAD who have documented their respective journeys down the aisle. You might already know a bit of my wedding story if you followed my wedding blog Eat, Drink, Marry, which I began shortly after our engagement and continued through our wedding over Memorial Day weekend. During our …