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Bridesmaids, check!

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Last Sunday it really hit me. Not so much the “wow, we’re getting married” part…it was more a realization of how many people are going to be a part of the day. Sometimes I still get so wrapped up in the planning that I forget how cool this whole wedding thing is.

My mom, two of my bridesmaids, and I went …


Pretty Pink and Red

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Call me a romantic, but pink and red is one of my favorite color palettes. 

{pink and red flowers via Absolutely Beautiful Things, raspberry and light pink bedroom from Better Homes and Gardens}

{lovely bits and bobs of pink and red from Perfectbound via Oh Joy!}

{pink and gray with pops of red, from the archives, sourced here}


Colorful Bridal Bouquets

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When picking the flowers that you’ll hold for “the walk” (and of course, the rest of the day, too!), it seems like there are really only two options: to color, or not to color!

While I’m known to be ever-pro the monochromatic palette [like, I’m really, really into monochromatics…], this is an area that my mind flip flops around. I absolutely …


The One

A couple weeks after Matt and I got engaged, I traveled home to Louisville with the mission to find a reception venue.  We got engaged on August 22, 2008 and set our wedding date for July 25, 2009.  We had to base the date around Matt’s work schedule – which meant I was deciding when we got married …


Fashion & Color Trends Summer 2010

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Every year my mom sends me this and I think it’s neat to see which colors are predicted to be the trends for that season. It starts out talking the color trends for Summer 2010:

“Wide-ranging agreement at the latest biannual color meeting organized by Eurovet: stylists and industrialists agreed that the market demands color. Stars of the season: the greens. …


On the Topic of Orange Blossoms…

I am not sure how I came across this blog, but I believe that finding their logo is an omen:

{ images from Orange Blossom Ink }

Seriously, someone’s trying to tell me to go with this orange blossom thing…so off I go for some orange inspiration!

Recently I have been seeing lots more oranges (or kumquats) used on tables or flower arrangements:

{ …


Summery Yellow and Blue

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Something big happened during my wedding week…something bigger than a rehearsal dinner, bigger than a bachelorette spa day, bigger than getting my favorite peonies for the bouquets…

my best friend and bridesmaid Lisa got engaged!

Now, not only did she get engaged…she also managed to hide it from me for roughly 20 hours until I realized something was up and dragged it …

Wedding Colors

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Choosing the wedding colors was initially really tough for me. I knew I wanted a main color that would work well in the fall (i.e. not seem out of season, like a light pink or turquoise might) and then one or two complimentary colors, but it was really hard nailing down a palette that felt right.

First I thought maybe navy …

Our Inspiration Board

Inspiration Strikes!

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So how do two stridently independent and opinionated lovebirds get married in the age of Platinum Weddings, anyway? Like so many things that would follow, we found our inspiration in the world of wedding blogs.

After months of floundering for a wedding vision that felt like our own, I stumbled upon a blog post featuring a wedding “monogram” that looked like …


So Inspired

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I have a love/hate relationship with inspiration boards.  I LOVE to look at them….but I somewhat “dislike” making them…am I the only one?  Maybe it’s because I’m so critical of my own work that I never seem to be happy with the balance of the boards that I make…but the ones I’ve seen around the blog world…absolutely inspiring.

Well shortly after …


A Conversation about Colors

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The second question vendors ask me after “when is your wedding?” is “what are your colors?” and then they diligently write it down in my file. Last week, I felt like I was failing at some bridal test because I couldn’t name the type of green I wanted at the wedding during a vendor meeting. I finally just said “I …


What’s in a Theme?

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While I’m the first one on board for a 1980s Prom Party or a Tacky Christmas Sweater Holiday Fete, thematic weddings were just never my style.  Sure, I’ve seen them gorgeously and creatively executed by other brides, but my ideas for our wedding just didn’t seem to fit into any sort of simply categorized box.

I wanted Elegant… yet Fun and …