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Celebrating Ten Years: Ami + Scott

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One year ago, the hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It was one of the best days of my life.

We celebrated the New Year with everyone we hold near and dear.

The weather in Atlanta was absolutely perfect.

We were surrounded by love and memories.


Citrus-Themed Day After Brunch

Out of everything that went into the preparation for our vow renewal, I probably had the most fun and least stress planning the day after brunch.  It was held at South City Kitchen in Midtown, just steps from our hotel blocks and our venue from the vow renewal the night before.

Orange as a wedding color has always inspired me, so …


The Reception

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Out of all of the undertakings for the vow renewal, there was one that I spent by far the most time on and was undeniably the most nervous about….

The First Dance.

The hubby didn’t have to do much to prep for the vow renewal… much except for one thing.  He agreed to learn to dance.  So for 18 months, twice a …


DIY Etched Shot Glass Boxed Favors

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I have collected shot glasses for our entire marriage, so it was only obvious that shot glasses should be our favors for the vow renewal.  After doing lots of research, I came across a tutorial on Weddingbee for goccoing on glass and set off to create my own custom etched shot glasses.  Here they are, encased in their custom handmade …


Setting the Menu

Ah food. One of my favorite subjects! Planning the menu was so much fun.

{Our dessert table – more on this later… Image via Jenna}

Starting out, I knew a few things regarding the food that we would serve. First of all, because I was holding people hostage for over six hours, I knew we needed a lot of it! …


Song Request Cards

Scattered about our tables we had stacks of song request cards.  I loved the little premise that I ended up with of having song names that are actions for the headings on our cards.  Here are the headings we used:

Come on, let me Shake My Tail Feather to…

Shake it up baby, let’s Twist and Shout to…

We’ll be dancing, Shagging on …


Estate Table Centerpieces

FINALLY… the reception!  You read awhile ago about the process of choosing my floor plan, and saw the layout of my reception.  As you may recall, we chose two 24′ estate tables, and here is how the centerpieces shaped up!  I was pretty much in love with them, so excuse the gratuitous amount of photos…

The centerpieces consisted of roses in …


Reserved Signs, Embroidered Napkins, and the Cocktail Hour

Two small details from the vow renewal that you haven’t yet seen are the reserved signs for the ceremony chairs and the embroidered hemstitch cocktail napkins.

The reserved signs were a super-easy project.  Here they are (backwards) on the chairs).

Supplies needed (makes 8):

* Ribbon
* Two pieces of 8.5 x 11 cardstock
* One piece of 8.5 x 11 Accent paper
* Self-adhesive velcro …


Getting Ready, Part II

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Gowns and hair and puppies, oh my!

I haven’t really talked about my hair yet.  I decided, since I was not a bride, to go with an updo, something sophisticated, but more Oscars than tiara-and-veil.  I’m also completely obnoxious about my hair not being on my face or my neck, so I spent a few months growing it out so that …


Welcome Party Wrap-Up

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You’ve already seen lots of details of the Welcome Party, but there were just a few photos that I couldn’t resist posting before I move on…

First, perhaps my favorite photo of Scott and I from the whole vow renewal shebang.  We are in the Turner Field bullpen, people.  That is the Braves bullpen phone behind us.  Oh yes, this photo …


Vow Renewal Recaps

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First up, comes a HUGE apology from me to you for the lack of continuity in my vow renewal recaps.  I have a single goal this weekend: write. them. all.  So, second up comes a promise from me to you – starting Monday you will have recaps.  For those of you who have been emailing/twittering/etc, thank you!  I promise I …


The Evolution of a Floor Plan

Sorry for the absence in the recaps everyone!  I’m really hoping to have my full disc of pictures soon to show you but until then, some logistics!

Ah, the floor plan.  With only 50 people, you would think that this would’ve been one of the easiest things about planning my reception.  However, because of the food stations we had, the bar, …