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Excellence Group Luxury Resorts

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If you happen to read EAD Living or follow me on Twitter, you may know that I absolutely love to travel, so I’m incredibly excited to welcome Excellence Group Luxury Resorts as the newest EAD sponsor.  The Excellence Group Luxury Resorts are 5-star, all-inclusive sanctuaries that cater exclusively to adults, making them the perfect choice for your destination wedding or …


Honeymoon Fashion Wishlist

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I absolutely love January. To me, it feels like a fresh start to eat healthy, workout and organize life. But I really think the most exciting part about January is that spring clothes are making their way into the stores. This is extra exciting for me this year as I am looking for some fun outfits and accessories to take …


Sponsored Post: Traveler’s Joy

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If you follow me on Twitter or read EAD Living you might know that I’m an avid traveler – in fact there is nothing I love more. (Except for puppies, that is.) So it has to be said that if I were to get married again I would jump all over setting up a honeymoon registry with Travelers Joy.

Travelers Joy …


Honeymoon is booked!

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A few weeks ago we booked our honeymoon, woohoo! We had been searching and searching for a great deal to Maui in April, but everything around that time was so expensive. We had also heard that food and drinks are very expensive in Maui and since we are quite frugal when it comes to eating at restaurants, we decided to …


Paradise Lost, and Found

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My husband and I met as a result of serving in the Peace Corps in Africa, so it should come as no surprise that our honeymoon would be somewhere off the beaten path.  As much as we love relaxing on a beach with pina coladas, we also enjoy the essence of traveling and getting down and dirty with the local culture—so …


Mini-Moon in Mexico

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My husband and I knew early on we wanted to go on an exotic honeymoon far, far, FAR away.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it right after the wedding.  In addition to exhausting our finances and planning on the wedding, June was a very busy month for both of us at work. So we decided that we would save …

wentworth by the sea

Northern Honeymoon I – New Hampshire

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Instead of hopping on a plane right after our wedding, we decided to drive up north for our honeymoon. We knew we wanted to go to Maine where his family vacations every summer for a few days, but I also wanted to go somewhere in New England since I really had never spent more than an evening there before (except …


A Honeymoon, Some Lanterns, and Hair Candy

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With four months to go, we’re moving full steam ahead! Here’s a post to catch you all up on what’s been happening in my neck of the woods.

{Photo from here}

After a long debate and many nights of arguments ending in “harumpf!”, we booked our tickets to Japan for our honeymoon. We plan to spend 10 days, half of them in …


Hello 2010!

My party shoes

I’m sorry, but the month of December ate me and then wouldn’t let me out of its stomach. But now I’m back, with…drum roll please… SIX MONTHS left until July 3rd!! Woohoo!! Summer 2010, here we come. :)

Since I’ve been M.I.A., here are some updates.

* I ate my first slice of yule log over the holidays. It had …


Two tickets to…undecided location?

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This recent New York Times article, 100 Hotels Under $150 by Stuart Emmrich, reminded me that we have yet to decide on what to do about a honeymoon.

[Side note: You should check out the New York Times piece if you’re going to Europe on a budget. It lists hotels under $150 in a variety of cities, including London, Florence, Edinburgh, …


Back from paradise.

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Hello hello hello again! I’ve just gotten back from the whirlwind that is getting married and then spending 10 days in Hawaii. It was a long trip back to Boston but we’ve finally arrived and are just trying to stave off jetlag long enough to celebrate my new hubby’s birthday which happens to be today!

Anyways, there’s so much I want …


Is it October already?

I am in total shock that my wedding is just about a month away – where did the time go? September was a total blur – starting with a last minute trip to Paris (I know, pretty amazing), followed closely by my bachelorette and Homecoming at Davidson. Then I had two fabulous showers in Brian’s hometown, and then a work …