Let’s Help Needy Doggies + $50 gift card

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UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner Amanda, who won the $50 gift card by draw. And I have amazing news! One Tail at a Time won the online voting!! Kriser’s is now counting up any mail-in votes, and will officially announce a winner on July 28th – paws crossed for them and THANK YOU for helping such …


Leaving on a Jet Plane…

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I’m off to Dubai for the next 10 days to visit with my lovely friend Amy I! 


If you email me, please know that I’ll be very slow to respond.  But never fear – EAD is jam-packed next week while I’m gone with all sorts of amazing inspiration – in fact, it’s color week!  Next week is all about aqua, and …


Family Wedding Photos

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One special thing we are doing to honor our families at our wedding is having family wedding pictures displayed at cocktail hour. I have been collecting as many generations of pictures as possible from both sides of the families. We are fortunate enough to have all four pictures of my great-grandparents and we even know the dates of their weddings! …


It’s a Boy!

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“It’s time,” I declared to my husband just days after our wedding. “We have waited long enough.  We’ve been trying for years but for one reason or another it just never happened.  Can we please start our family now?” I begged.

And so it happened that just a mere three weeks after our wedding, we adopted a baby boy.

Meet Tito – …


An Update and My Inspiration Board

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Whew! To say that I’ve been overwhelmed recently is a bit of an understatement. A quick update of the last month:

I’m a week overdue of sending out our Save the Dates…waiting for FMIL to send me addresses for her guest list
On the same note, had a bit of a falling out with FMIL about the guest list…
I asked 2 out …

The Story of Grandma and the Mustard

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This entry is subtitled: Why I’m Freaking Out About Our Food at the Reception

Sorry it’s somewhat long and picture-less, but I think it’s a good story :)

Let me set the scene: It was the end of June this past summer and Mr. and I had just bought our first house. We decided that it would be fun and a good …


You Want to Hear About My Wedding… Really?

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It occurred to me today at the doctor’s office…that when you are engaged…you can easily have a conversation with just about anyone…and at any time.  Of course the subject of discussion is… the WEDDING!!  Why is it that all of a sudden I feel like the lady at the bank that helped us set up our joint account wants to …


Approaching the 1 year mark…

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…of being engaged….and we still have 8 more months to go.

some random thoughts at this point:

1)  On a “wedding-related” phone call the other day…the lady on the other end told me CONGRATS! with a lot of excitement…it took me a minute to realize she meant about my engagement…because ya know…that happened SO 12 months ago…

2)  I went to try on …

Juggling Life and Wedding Planning

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Sometimes when I’m roaming wedding blog land, I am amazed at what bridal bloggers can do in their spare time. How do they keep up with their wedding and have a full-time job? How did they make their own wedding dress and stay sane? What do you mean they baked their own wedding cake?? I am so impressed by all …

Your Wedding and Facebook

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I still remember the day I learned about Facebook. It was sometime in 2004, and I was walking back to my apartment with my friend Matthew after history class. We were dodging the usual suspects on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, when he enlightened me.

“Hey, have you heard of Facebook?”

“Facebook? What is that, some way to check people out without them …


Wedding Week

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It’s finally time to start the much anticipated wedding recaps! Much anticipated on my end, at least. I want to remember every moment, every emotion, every detail. It really is true that the day — the week, actually — will just fly by. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself where I am today: happily married and still marveling …

The dream begins…

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And sadly it’s not the good kind of dream… Last night I had my first wedding-related freak out dream.  You know, the one where you somehow find yourself at your wedding and you hadn’t finished planning everything (so people are wandering around aimlessly wondering why in the world you don’t have escort cards), your hair and make-up are not done, …