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Wedding Planning Tips from SQN Events

It happens to the best of us. You’re busy tasting cakes, shopping for venues, matching linens and checking RSVPs, when you glance at your calendar and realize just how rapidly your wedding day is approaching. Your to-do list seems to be a mile long and seating arrangement configurations are starting to take over your already overloaded brain. We totally understand; …


What Is “Blog-Worthy”, Anyway?

Posted 02/11/2010 by in Expert Advice, Inspiration \ 41 comments

“It is very very strange to me that people are styling their weddings into scenes solely for publishing.”
Marcy Blum via Twitter

“We didn’t have a theme.  We didn’t style our photos for a blog-worthy post.  We didn’t have bunting or wear fake moustaches.  It was simply a wedding celebration, surrounded by our nearest and dearest, in a beautiful space that was enhanced …

Essential Questions for Your Photographer

There are SO many amazing photographers in the world – how do you find the one that’s perfect for you?  Well, not only do you need to blog-stalk them, see images from a full wedding, and find out all of the details about the specific packages that they offer, but you also want to ask these questions:

Will I receive a …


Four Tips for Great Wedding Party Photos

Posted 10/20/2009 by in Expert Advice, Photography \ 4 comments

by Olivia Leigh

While the focus of the wedding is on the bride and groom, getting fabulous photos with your family and friends is also probably high on your list of priorities. The perfect wedding party shot can be difficult, as your photographer has to contend with a very large group of people, making composition and posing more difficult, as well …


Library Vendor Spotlight: Andria Lewis Events

We’re starting a fun new series on EAD – Library Vendor Spotlights.  The goal is to give you a glimpse into the minds of our fantastic Library vendors and let you get to know some amazing people from the wedding industry just a little bit better (and hopefully of course to give you some inspiration along the way!).

Our first Library …


Four Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

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by Olivia Leigh

I recently spoke to a new acquaintance of mine who was married several years ago (before I was even shooting weddings!). She discussed how displeased she was with the photographs, and how looking at them made her sad. What a tragedy to have such disappointing photographic memories of such a happy day. After speaking to her, I thought …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 3

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I’m splicing this post with pictures from one of my biggest inspiration sources: Amy Atlas. A designer known mainly for how fabulous she is at creating decadent dessert tables. As you can see from the pictures: beyond words gorgeous. If you haven’t visited her site, DO IT! You won’t regret it! GO NOW!

Step 3: Going for it!

What’s the best way …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 2

Posted 05/20/2009 by in Expert Advice \ 2 comments

Some monograms I’ve produced for past clients will be the eye candy featured here today. Wish I had more handy! Monograms are my WEAKNESS! The best way to tie everything together! :)

In my journey through this career that I’m immersed in, I’ve learned quite a bit about what NOT to do. Almost as much as what TO do. Funny enough, …


The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 1

Splicing my post with some sweet sources of inspiration for your big day!

I was asked by one of my clients the other day how I’ll know when I’ve “made it” as an event designer. I replied immediately “when I see myself being published all OVER the place- print, web, everywhere!”. And I still think that’s true! To be “someone” in …


Lets get this party started!

So you know all the details of our ceremony now…lets get to the party!!

Here are some shots my sister took this weekend when we went to see the venue…this is the reception hall when you first walk in.  Pictures just don’t do it justice-it’s amazing!

This is the dance floor area…and the two steps lead up to the tables for the …


Quick Tip: Managing Formal Photos

Posted 05/12/2009 by in Expert Advice, Photography \ 7 comments

by Olivia Leigh

Although photojournalistic and more editorial photography is popular with modern, chic brides, I find that most clients still, understandably, want a few traditional formal photographs of them with their family. While my coverage is primarily more candid or creative in nature, I still think capturing a few of these “formals” is valuable for satisfying many parents’ tastes and …


Wedvice: An At-Home Affair!

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So in the past two week I’ve met with a few clients who are having an event at a private home/estate. With this comes great flexibility [set up time, vendor selection, decor choices] but also great risk and responsibility [especially if it isn’t YOUR home, and if it’s located in a neighborhood of any kind]. The main foreseeable problems, right …