Appy Couple android app

Appy Couple

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Appy Couple has come a long way since we first introduced you to their awesome app in March!  Take your wedding mobile with their uber-cool app for iPhone and Android, a free coordinating wedding website, and emails to announce your app.

Since you’ve seen Appy Couple last, they have added lots of new designs in new color combinations and styles and …


Sponsored Post: Wedding Jojo

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Looking for an easy way to keep your guests up to date on all of your wedding plans?  Create your own wedding website!  Wedding Jojo has an array of modern, customizable themes, including Mist (pictured below), Dusk, and my personal favorite, Craft.  And on top of the stylish and fun look of their wedding websites, Wedding Jojo offers incredible features …


Building a Wedding Website

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Having a wedding website was a must for us.  Most of our guests are in our age group and rather “fluent” with technology.  We want to keep our paper invitations simple and classy, so we decided to personalize our website with details about us and our wedding.

There are many websites offering an easy DIY format where you insert your wedding …


Our Guests Arrive and We Wait

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Before our guests reached the Sunken Garden and its storybook setting, they were greeted by attendants on horseback. Lauxmont Farms is a horse farm, after all.

Our out of town family and friends took a bus from the hotel to the venue. And, yes, it was raining when they arrived.

{photo credit to wedding guests}

After they climbed off of the bus, they …


Before the Wedding

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I mentioned before that there were some difficulties in planning our Louisville wedding from Memphis.  However, the biggest obstacle with this we never saw coming.  Matt and I were so excited about all of our family and friends being in town and in one place that we both stayed out a little too late the night before the wedding :).  …


Rehearsing for the Main Event

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What a picturesque evening we had on Thursday, the night before our wedding. There was a slight breeze and a pleasant orange glow as the sun set over the River. (I was reminded of why we chose this location.)

We were greeted in the garden by our coordinator, Betsy, who instructed us where to put the mason jars, the bird cage, …


Meet Chambers

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So, you’ve met me and you’ve at least been introduced to Brian, but you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know the other member of our family: Chambers.

Chambers is our one year old Vizsla and the above picture is by far my favorite of him.  Brian took it the first time Chambers saw snow this past winter (he loved …

Raise Your Glasses

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Long ago, we decided to ditch the traditional champagne toast. We just didn’t feel it was necessary to spend over $200 to pour and serve bubbly to our guests when we both prefer a cold beer anyway.

Instead, we liked the option of asking guests to raise whatever drink they have in hand for toasts by our Maid of Honor and …


And July Turns To August

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Our wedding month has arrived! And, overall, I’m feeling cool, calm, and collected.

The last weekend in July was a whirlwind of wedding activities: hair and makeup trials, dress fitting, and meetings with our coordinator, our caterer, and our photographer.

I was definitely reminded why we hired professionals. Each vendor asked questions we hadn’t considered: Who will walk the mothers down the …


The eight-week freakout… and a call for help.

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I have one of those countdowns on my Facebook profile that tells me how many days are left until the wedding. I used to think it was a fun, quirky thing to have, but as the number gets smaller and smaller, I find myself getting more and more freaked out about how little time we have left. There’s just so …

Hiring our Day of Coordinator (DOC)

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My parents are generously paying for most of our wedding. The amount they are donating seems so great to us (albeit reasonable for Chicago) that we truly are grateful and don’t feel comfortable with them paying a cent more, despite their offers – we are employed after all. So when no fairy godmother showed up to save the …

Wedding II

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We set off from London on the Thursday before the wedding with more things than I thought possible packed into M’s Dad’s car, including but not limited to boxes and boxes of crockery, wine, a picnic hamper and a barbecue to take on our honeymoon. M and I spent our last night together as single people crammed into the bottom …