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Printable Song Request Cards

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This post is sponsored by Scratch Weddings, the fabulous team of marquee-level DJs turning weddings into dance parties nationwide!

Grandma wants to boogie to Chubby Checker, the parents are dying to sway to Eric Clapton, and you just want to rock out to the Peas. Every DJ’s dilemma! A skilled DJ (like those from the fabulous team of DJs …


Sponsored Post: Scratch Weddings

Music is something so close to the heart, and let’s face it, your wedding reception entertainment can make or break the party. Your guests are sure to remember three things about your wedding: how gorgeous you looked, the amazing food, and of course, how they danced all night!  That’s where Scratch Weddings comes in.  Their talented team of wedding DJs …


Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: The First Dance

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We did not choreograph anything. We definitely did a lot of swaying. We managed one turn, which I think is pretty good considering we have two left feet.

And there were no maracas and no Celine Dion. [Thank goodness]

Since we have no song to call our own, it was actually a pretty un-romantic process of listening to a bunch of songs that …


Our reception: this is how we do it

If the ceremony part of the wedding can be a bit restrictive (at least if you’re going the traditional route), the reception is your chance to show everyone what you are about as a couple, and what constitutes a good time to you. I mentioned before that Jon and I wanted the celebration to be an introduction to the South …


Chicago Cocktail Hour with African Drummers

Cutting our rainy photo shoot short was a wise decision, because we made it to cocktail hour at our reception venue, the Ravenswood Billboard Factory, right before Skinny Williams, the Chicago saxophonist we hired to greet people at the door, was finishing up his last set.  In addition to Skinny, our ushers and waiters greeted guests at the door with …

Our 10 Person Band (each played separately)

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My fiance and I came to our first prolonged discussion about our wedding when we broached the ultimate question: band vs DJ. As you may remember, the DJ won.  We want out reception to feel like a hot night-club/lounge in the city and we think our bi-lingual (Polish-English) DJ will deliver exactly that!  Despite this, we’ve hired some live …


Our Wedding: The Photobooth

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Ahh yes, the photobooth. I had been looking at photobooths since before we got engaged and it was one of my big must haves early on. I was willing to splurge to rent one, even. Enter mad amounts of stress that made me want to abandon all of it, except for the part where Garrett and I would be married.

My …


Ceremony Musicians

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I’m really bad at keeping secrets.  Well, wait, that’s not entirely true.  I’m really bad at keeping secrets that are mine that I’m really, really excited about.  There was one big one at the wedding that I wanted to tell everyone about because I was so excited, but I didn’t!  I kept telling myself that the guests would enjoy it …


Just Dance

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(Alright, my friends, I’m making it my mission to finish these recaps — and maybe even tell you about our fab honeymoon in Mexico — before the end of the year. Onward we go!)

My father and my mother-in-law had no choice but to join us on the dance floor following dinner. The parental dances were one tradition we definitely did …


Let’s Get This Party Started

While Nick and I were taking photos, our guests headed to the reception tent for the cocktail hour. They were supposed to gather around the rectangular pool — amidst round high top tables and mason jars of candles tied with red and orange ribbon — but the wet weather prevented that from happening. However, I heard they still had a …


Setting love to music

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(photo by kristen stewart photography –no she’s not from twilight but she’s just as fun)

One of the most fun things Garrett and I did the few weeks before our Oct. 3rd reception was to suggest music to our unbelievably talented DJ, Mitchell London.

I hadn’t really thought about the music at all, and hadn’t even decided to have a DJ …


Choreographed Wedding Dances

…have quickly become my biggest wedding pet peeve. You know the ones, the bride and groom are dancing romantically for their first dance when all of a sudden this beat comes out of nowhere (gasp, “what is going on here??” says the look on the bride’s face), and then all of a sudden, SURPRISE! The new Mr. & Mrs. are …