10 Bridesmaid Trends for 2014

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Bridesmaids in Neutral Color Palette

1. Neutrals

Molly Sims’ wedding was beyond breathtaking and her gorgeous bridesmaids are the perfect example that less is definitely more when it comes to choosing a neutral palette.

Photo: Gia Canali Photography

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11 comments on “10 Bridesmaid Trends for 2014

  1. Monica writes...

    Hi there! You have a bridesmaid dress that I saw on pintrest and I’m in love with it! I was wondering how I can get it! I don’t know how to describe it this way with out a picture but I don’t see it on your website that I was tranafered to from pintrest. It’s a coral long dress… Maybe there is a way to view some dresses and prices. Please let me know!

  2. Laura writes...

    These pictures are all beautiful, but there literally isn’t one person of color shown. This may be trends for white people, but that isn’t accurate for America or the wedding industry. Next time, please try to find better example that represent all people, not just very rich white women.

    • Ami writes...

      Hi Laura! We cherish and embrace diversity and feature classic and elegant weddings from couples of all races, religions, and orientations. We agree that we would love to see more submissions from photographers of weddings of people of color, as well as same-sex weddings. Wedding blogs and magazines need more of both! But we do think this inspiration slideshow features attire that would be perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, and we hope you agree! Happy planning – we hope to inspire you along the way.

  3. D'laine writes...

    I saw a dress that was pinned to Pinterest from this website. I need to know how to find it! There was a picture of the wedding party and the dress was worn in three colors (ivory,lilac,pale pink) and had a large lace shoulderless top on it. It fit across the shoulders. Can you please tell me where to find it?


  4. Kayla Church writes...

    I was wondering where I could find the beautiful dresses with the X design on the back! They are short bridesmaid dresses and I absolutely love them! Looking for something similar for mine :)

    • Erin writes...

      Hi Kayla!

      Those bridesmaids dresses are from ASOS but they are no longer available. We searched for “cross back dress” on the ASOS website and found a few similar options here:

      Good luck and let us know if we can help with anything else!

  5. Hiya

    I love, love, love the dresses which is number 2 on the slideshow.. Sparkle and Beading…… Where can I get them from????????

    If you can help i will be a very happy bride!


  6. Meagan writes...

    Hi there!
    I saw a pin on Pinterest titled “10 elegant rustic wedding ideas,” and I would love to have the cream colored knot shoulder wraps for my bridesmaids. I was wondering if you could help me find, or maybe direct me to where I can find them!

    Thanks in advance :)

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