15 Ways to Use Baby’s Breath in Your Wedding

Babys Breath in WeddingsAiry, cloudlike, and delicate, baby’s breath (real name: gypsophila) is not just for filler! Inexpensive and long-lasting, baby’s breath is perfect for DIY projects and other made-ahead decor. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite ways to use baby’s breath in your wedding or party—everything from chandeliers to boutonnieres to a necklace (yes, a necklace!)—it just may inspire your next project!

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5 comments on “15 Ways to Use Baby’s Breath in Your Wedding

  1. valeinwhite writes...

    The italian name for Baby’s breath it’s “Velo da sposa” that means ‘Wedding Veil’ :)

  2. Liz writes...

    Hi there- would u know who did the beautiful baby’s breath wreath? I’d love to order one for my sisters wedding.

    Thank u!

  3. Barbara M. writes...

    Hi Liz, You don’t say where you are located. I have been a florist in the Houston, Tx.area for over 20yrs… if you’re near I could make this for you…. I can’t quote you a price because that depends on size of the item. These type of designs can be pricey (very time consuming) if interested, please contact me & we’ll talk. Wising your sister a wonderful ♡wedding♡ Barbara

  4. Lynne mcilvaine writes...

    Fifty years ago I carried a small white Bible with cascading baby’s breath. It was beautiful and the flowers didn’t over shadow my gown.

  5. Chris writes...

    This is what my sister wants, but should I do handheld or foam? Which looks better?

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