10 Favorite Bite-Sized Treats

Bite Size CoverSince childhood, I have been a lover of all things miniature, and can I just say how much I am adoring this latest mini food craze? From tacos to donuts, burgers to shakes, give me any or all of these tiny morsels and I’m in heaven!

Click through for 10 of my favorite bite-sized treats—perfect for cocktail appetizers, dessert bars, or even a full bite-sized buffet!

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6 comments on “10 Favorite Bite-Sized Treats

  1. I so loved the mini burgers. Perfect for cocktail time when the groom and bride are taking pictures after the ceremony. While the guests are waiting, this is a perfect snack for them!


  2. Keyla Abdullah writes...

    Where do I buy the mini cola bottles from this is a great idea!!

  3. Jeannie Zanowski writes...

    Where do you get the mini cola bottles and mini Patron bottles?

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