10 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas Your bridesmaids will be standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life. We love the tradition of giving them a little something special to honor their friendship and participation in your wedding! Here are 10 fabulous gift ideas perfect for your favorite ladies!

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14 comments on “10 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

  1. When my sister got married I gave all the ladies antique hankerchiefs, so there would be “no ugly crying”… I think I was the only one who used mine, but then, I’m an old softie! :D

    • I know the post says they were handwritten but I know that they could be garment printed on as a alternative way. We use the garment printer in our shop. We carry those type of bags also.

  2. All these are great ideas for bridesmaids gifts. Of course I am partial to the robes as I work for a company that provides them – The Paisley Box @ They are a great usable gift on the wedding day while getting ready and for years to come. Many brides like to have a pic made with everyone together in their robes as a momento as well.

  3. Great ideas! I would like to choose robes for my bridesmaids as they love to wear different and stylish dresses. I want to personalized the robes for my lovely bridesmaids by adding initials and titles on the front and back.

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