15 Food Bars & Stations

Wedding Bars and StationsWe are huge fans of interactive food stations for weddings and parties, and even more in love with the trend of unique bars and stations. From breakfast to dessert, we’ve rounded up 15 delicious food bars and stations that are perfect for guests attending parties from bridal shower to reception!

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3 comments on “15 Food Bars & Stations

  1. Loved seeing popcorn bars featured in your lineup, that’s our specialty! I have built a “popcorn bar calculator” for our wedding clients to help determine how much popcorn to have. You can find it here: along with other tips for putting a popcorn bar together and our bulk party bags of gourmet popcorn to fill your popcorn bar.

    I am diggin the S’Mores bar, those marshmallows look heavenly!

  2. Joye writes...

    I really would love to have this wooden cheese board with pedestal legs. Can you lead me to that?

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