12 Pretty + Unique Table Runners

Pretty Table RunnersA beautifully dressed table may just be our absolute favorite thing. And nothing dresses a table quite like a fabulous runner. From paint sticks to garlands and ribbons to lace, we’ve gathered up 12 gorgeous and unique table runner ideas for your next soiree! Click through to see all of the fun!

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2 comments on “12 Pretty + Unique Table Runners

  1. Very creative ideas for sprucing up any table with these runners. I love the woven effect in the second picture, but the simplicity of the third picture really directs the eye to the centerpiece flowers. One of my favorites is the fourth picture though…I would have never thought to use pages from my favorite book! Definitely unique, and whatever book you chose could really show some individual flair. The seventh picture is another good one. I love using repurposed wood, and giving new life to old things. Of course, number eight is very classic if you have the money to spend on all the extra blooms.

  2. Hi! I just love the book runner on page 5! All you did was glue the pages together? Or did you have some kind of backing? Would love to make one. Looks so easy!

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