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Thank you for contacting EAD!

Due to the volume of e-mail that we receive I am unable to personally respond to all incoming mail, but I’ve provided some answers to common inquiries here:

Where can I find ____? How do I buy ____? Do you know what ____ she/he/they is/are wearing?
I’m so thrilled you found inspiration from a post on EAD! All of the information I have on a given wedding or shoot is on the post itself, or in the comments if a question has been asked and answered. I encourage you to leave a comment on the post, and hopefully someone in the EAD community will be able to help you find all of the wedding goodness you are on the hunt for. Thank you!

I’d like to hire ____ for my wedding
Yay! This is the best possible news, I love it when you find your wedding vendors on EAD. Please return to the post that inspired you and view the vendor information on the post. You can view their website link there and let them know you found them on EAD!

Can I link to ____?
Go for it! I love it if we inspire you and you can pass it on – you are welcome to repost photos and/or link to EAD content (please credit EAD and the sources we have named). However, please do not republish any article in its entirety.

Sponsorship & Vendor Guide Opportunities
I will respond to your e-mail shortly with the sponsorship information. Thank you for your inquiry!

Featuring Your Work
Unless you receive an out of office message from me and I’m off lounging in Barbados, I respond to each and every submission I receive within two weeks.  I am always on the hunt for unique and beautiful weddings, inspirational photo shoots, and unique wedding ideas to feature on our blogs! To see our publication guidelines, please visit our submissions page.

Link exchanges, text link ads, guest posts, announcements, etc
If you fall into this category, know that I really appreciate your interest, but:

  • I don’t participate in any type of company link exchanges or unrequested affiliate relationships.
  • I don’t allow text link ads.
  • Guest articles, if published (and that’s rarely if ever!) are by invitation only.
  • I don’t post about non-EAD giveaways on the blog (so as not to confuse people).  I’m happy to RT your giveaway if you send me a tweet and I know you’re legit. :)

If your question was not answered here, do not despair. I do read all incoming messages and strive to personally respond to as many e-mails as I can. Thank you so much for reading EAD and contacting me!