Hello! My name is Sarah, and I’m the face and heart behind Ampersand Photography. I’m an outgoing, people-loving, coffee-drinking introvert who takes great delight in knowing people, loving them well, and capturing their very special life in photographic form. Weddings are my heartbeat, but I love anything that involves people, lovely light, and pretty things. My work is soft, warm, and light-filled… my goal is to deliver images that make the viewer feel known, and comfortable, and like they’ve come home. I don’t consider myself a poser, but rather a director— one who helps people relax and settle into themselves, and I use my skills to create an atmosphere that makes amazing images. Washington DC is “home” to me, but my work takes me all over the country— and the world, for that matter. Interested in learning more? Just drop me a line. I love making new friends.