To describe the brides and grooms that hire me is to describe myself: relaxed and easy-going but kind of picky about what we like, particularly when it comes to the details. We look forward to spending time with our close friends and family and love to share our discoveries of great music, art, food, wine and travel with them as well. An impromptu party is never too far off.

The wedding day is a time to celebrate, relax and enjoy the fun. We prefer to have photos that capture the day as it really looked vs. spend hours on posed photos. (Of course we must do some family photos but not too many.) We want images that capture the inner person we know our friends and family to be, not just their “photo faces”.

After eight years of photographing weddings I’m still amazed at how well I get along with my couples, how much we have in common and how similar we view the wedding day. I’m blessed and thrilled about it and I end up with some wonderful friends (and images) along the way. Please take a look through my website and see if you love my photography, if so, I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your exceptional wedding!

Honors and Accolades
Jennifer is regularly featured in prominent wedding magazines and blogs, has won her fair share of awards and is even featured in a couple books. Weddings have taken her around the world including Japan, Italy, Jamaica and all over Mexico. Based in San Diego, Jennifer accepts commissions from those lovely couples who truly value great photography anywhere they may be.