Hello beautiful! We’re Brent & Anna Deitrich: lovers, new parents, and hopeless romantics. We are inspired every day by the organic beauty and light around us, and the heirloom quality of an image that has survived several generations of being carefully passed down with love. This is what we want for you on your wedding day: to have a collection of beautifully crafted photographs that tell the story of your love like no other. The happy moments, joyful tears along the way, and the celebration that comes with love. We love honest and timeless images. We will photograph your wedding in the only way we know how, carefully and deliberately, in a way that honors the devotion that you two share and creates fine art heirloom memories for the generations that come after you. This is one of the reasons why we love shooting in film so much .. it is honest and timeless, and captures emotion in it’s own unique way.