Well, congratulations! You’re engaged and on the most lovely of adventures.

My name’s Rebekah and I’m a photographer / artist intent on living, observing, and remembering with bright, vibrant attention. I’m honored to illustrate every story I’m entrusted with— expressing uniqueness and making dear friends along the way.

And you? You fiercely appreciate being yourself, being together, and the value of a second-glance-demanding photograph.

Early on I wanted to be either a photojournalist or fashion photographer. Now a few years into wedding storytelling, I’m delighted to see I get to do both. My shooting style is artistic and modern, eclectic but timeless. I love both the genuine feel of a candid moment, and the dramatic effect of a stylized one.

And as an excitable twenty-something year old, I love having fun wherever I am.

Huge fan of it, really.

I photograph mostly in the Northern Virginia / DC area, but always happy to travel anywhere nice.

Look forward to hearing from you!