We believe in details, honesty, courage. We always try to push us towards different points of view to give you memories that reflect your and our personality and that will inspire you for every day to come. We are very discreet and approachable and we believe that photographers should stay in this way: calm, thoughtful, sensitive.

We love to travel, explore the world through the lens and each of us is always committed to looking for a new fresh perspective. We believe that photography should not have limits and a closed mind. We like to always stay true to our style and capture who you really are.

Our most important aim is always looking for authentic, natural and beautiful moments. In our work together, we’ll defy conventions and we’ll break lots of photography rules. We are wedding destination photographers because we love photography and we have respect for beauty.

We are based in Florence, Italy but we serve all Europe. Stefano Santucci, Tastino0 for web friends, born in 1983 in Cremona, a little town in the north of Italy. Now living in the middle of Tuscany in Florence since 2003. I’m a professional visual storytelling and wedding destination photographer based in Florence, Italy but we serve all Europe. My style and my objective is simple: every shot must tell a true story. Nothing less. I’m inspired by love stories, old romantics movies, forgotten objects. I’m curious and sincere, creative and smiling. I love my work. In my business I am deliberately small and I want stay in this way: I prefer to work for quality rather than quantity and to keep the artistic control over all my projects.

In my room there’s also a dusty psychology degree.

Wedding Destination Photographer based in Florence serving all Europe