A Veil(ed) Question

I need help, please.  And not in a tell-me-about-a-time-when-you-felt-like-the-protagonist way.  No, this time I really need help.  Please?

I’m having trouble deciding on a veil, and I’m stuck. Part of the decision is already made – my mom cried when she saw me in a long (chapel) veil, and it’s very pretty with the dress.

But I want something more. Something puffy. Something like this.


The bride designed it, and her mother in law made it.   It has four pieces.  I’m utterly in love with it.  You can see more here and here.


Okay, it’s huge.  I would want mine somewhat less tall.


This one is maybe more wearable (for me.)  This bride couldn’t find what she wanted, so she made her own.


Each of these girls is wearing her pouf with a longer veil, which is what I would do.  I might set the pouf a bit lower on my head, but still. You get the idea – there would be pouf. I would also probably ditch the long veil for the reception, but keep the pouf.

So here’s where I’m not sure.  They are both wearing narrow mermaid dresses. My dress is a-line.  Would there be just to much volume if I wore a big veil with a not-straight skirt?


Of course, I also promised not to show the dress to the whole world, which makes the question more general than I’d like. Any thoughts on wearing a puffy veil with an a-line dress?